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Re: [casi] By the beard of the Manical Dictator - querying the Saddam capture...

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In a message dated 12/19/03 3:22:45 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

> The picture chosen by Tom is a heavily shaded,
> single frame of low-resolution video footage

Perhaps the picture "chosen" by Tom was the only picture available to him at
the time.  Of course Per is correct in pointing out the picture at the BBC has
far more resolution and if one looks at the facial wrinkles under the eyes,
atop the bridge of the nose, and across the brow it appears that the two men
are the same person.
Tom speaks of a change of clothes, differences in the mustache etc.
Bluepilgrim deals with the differences in the photos very well.  Having personal
experience in this area I can say with absolute confidence that the pictures are
not "proof" of anything.  A photo of a blonde taken in proper lighting can show
the person to be a brunette.  Angles, lighting, lens, shutter speed etc.  As
to the bushiness of the mustache, this bushiness is an assessment based on
proportions that have dramatically changed from one photo to the next.  Again,
this is something that I have a professional background in and can assure you
that you can make a persons facial hair appear longer by simply changing the
proportions, the same can be done with the hair on a head.  By changing the
relationships or proportion you can actually cut hair thereby making it look longer.

As to Per's other comments relating to the general postings of Tom, I also
find little of interest in conspiracy theories.  However, I think that the
suggestion has been made previously, if you dislike a persons perspective, engage
the delete button and allow those who feel differently to benefit, assuming
there is a way to benefit.  I have mentioned previously that I disagree with
Tom's assessments but absolutely support his right to post.  He does something
that is potentially valuable for some of us, reminds us that there is virtually
nothing that we can trust that comes out of the occupying powers collective
mouth.  Some don't need the reminders, others do.  Whichever, hope you are all
well and as there is so little tolerance in this world, perhaps we can attempt a
bit more here.

Roger Stroope
Northern Arizona University
Graduate Department- Anthropology
Flagstaff USA

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