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[casi] Face facts: Saddam Hussein capture is a hoax.

Nothing more embarressing than adults that refuse to face the harsh facts of reality.  I talked 
about a rather odd juxtaposed photo in an AFP article yesterday.  I have now seen the video footage 
that it was derived from.

The video can be found on the washington post site here
I strongly recommend you play it.

It makes absolutely obvious that the US is being dishonest and passing off someone who is not 
Saddam Hussein as their captor.  There can be simply no argument about it.

If you recall I discussed the still (not knowing its context) and said the 2nd photo could not be 
of the 1st photo immediately after his beard had been pulled off, because how come it had suddenly 
sprouted a bushy mustache?  Obvious changes in clothes and hair are also observable.,0.jpg

However listening to the video the briefing military officer, Richardo Sanchez, quite clearly says:
"What you will see next is a picture of Saddam Hussein at the time he was captured on your left and 
on the right is Saddam Hussein after he was shaved."

There is no other word for this than bare faced (excuse the pun) lying.  It is noteworthy that 
there are no moving pictures of the shaved Saddam, just the still - which by reasons of the 
moustache has to be a historic picture.  This further indicates deceit.  The Orwellian cheering 
throughout simply leaves one with a deep sense of illease.

I claimed before that (in common with the belief of many Iraqis) that I too believe that Saddam 
Hussein was most likely a proxy of the West, just as earlier in his career.  This was called 
"presenting rumour as fact".

I think I have been fully vindicated now.

Just as the farce of Uday and Quasay burial have totally removed them from answering for their 
crimes.  So too, the presentation of this tramp (it would be far too much of an exageration to call 
him a lookalike) will equally totally protect Saddam Hussein from answering for his crimes.  Yes, 
while I think that the charges of genocide and uncontrolled sadism are absurd propaganda, there is 
no doubt he has been a disaster for Iraq, allowing their oil wealth to be stripped by foreign 
nations and hypocritically doled back to the population in the terms of subsistence food aid.

We can look forward to happy New Year with enormously entertaining show trial ahead of us.

Season Greetings
Tom Young

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