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[casi] 'Inundated' by an 'ineffective' fire

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These troops certainly have super-human properties. No possible chance there
are lies being told about extent of US casualties? Iraqis, as we know,
aren't counted and not even allowed the status of statistics. Best, f.

U.S. Troops Kill 16 Iraqis In 24 Hours
One of the U.S. soldiers wounded in an attack in Tikrit (AFP)
BAGHDAD, December 16 ( & News Agencies)  U.S. forces shot
dead at least 16 Iraqis in three Iraqi towns in the past 24 hours, while
three U.S. soldiers were wounded in Tikrit Tuesday, December 16.
In the Iraqi town of Samarra, 125km west of Baghdad, American troops killed
11 Iraqi fighters who tried to ambush them in a series of firefights, Agence
France-Presse (AFP) quoted the U.S. military as announcing Tuesday.
U.S. troops from Task Force Iron Horse "repelled a complex ambush" in the
city without suffering any casualties, a statement said.
"In a simultaneous action attackers detonated an improvised explosive device
to the south of the patrol. The patrol was then inundated by fire.
The statement added that the patrol was attacked by rocket-propelled
grenades (RPGs) coming from the west and mortar fire that emanated from the
It dismissed the fire as "ineffective" asserting there were neither U.S.
casualties nor damage to any vehicle.
"The patrol radioed for support and A Company responded and moved toward the
embattled patrol. Both U.S. elements fought through the ambush and
eliminated the threat," said the statement.
"A company commander on the scene confirmed that 11 attackers had been
killed. After confirmation, Samarran residents moved the attackers' bodies
from the area," it added.
"There were no Coalition casualties during the firefight and, except for a
civilian automobile that was damaged by a rocket-propelled grenade, there
was no damage to any other property or equipment."
Samarra was the scene of clashes between U.S. soldiers and Iraqi fighters
last month.
U.S. commanders initially claimed to have killed 54 fighters, but local
residents and police reported that less than 10 people.
In a separate attack on Monday in the city of Ramadi, 100km west of Baghdad,
the U.S. military said that Iraqis began firing on a U.S. unit, which
returned fire, killing one of the attackers.
Additionally, U.S. killed two Iraqis after a pro-Saddam demonstrations by
between 500 and 750 people on Monday.
The U.S.-led occupation authority announced Sunday, December 14, the capture
of ousted president Saddam Hussein.
"U.S. forces were fired upon, wounding one U.S. soldier," an American
spokeswoman said. "U.S. forces returned fire killing two and wounding two."
The latest trouble in Ramadi was mirrored in Fallujah, where two Iraqis were
also gunned down, police and journalists at the scene said.
The pair were shot inside a car, said Iraqi police Lieutenant Hamid Ali
U.S. Causalities
In Tikrit, the hometown of Saddam, U.S. officers said three soldiers were
wounded on Tuesday by a roadside bomb, two seriously.
Reporters saw the soldiers, one with head wounds, evacuated by helicopter to
a nearby hospital for the 4th Infantry Division after their Humvee vehicle
hit an improvised explosive device.
"They will be okay, hopefully they'll be back soon," said a soldier, asking
not to be identified.
At least 12 Iraqis were killed and 20 others injured Monday, when two car
bombs ripped through two police stations in the Baghdad districts of
Al-Hussiniyah and Al-Amiriya. 

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