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[casi] Iraqi reparations protest in Geneva on Wednesday

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On Tuesday – Thursday, 16-18th December, the UN Compensation Commission
is having it’s 50th meeting, at which it will award yet more reparations
against the Iraqi people for Saddam’s crimes back in 1990/1. So far
$18bn of reparations have been paid, $28bn are due, and about $100bn of
claims remain unresolved. This is all on top of $130bn of odious debt.
Iraq has been promised about $685m of aid from countries other than the
US for 2004, but the amount paid in reparations (5% of all oil revenue)
is likely to exceed this. This year the UNCC transferred $870m of Iraqi
money to reparations claimants on 8th April, the day Saddam’s statue
fell, and has transferred a further $500m since then. See for more information.

This is a great opportunity to challenge the reparations. I am based in
Britain and am going to Geneva to stage a small demonstration this
Wednesday (17th Dec) outside the UNCC offices.

For those coming from London Easyjet flights to Geneva cost about Ł70,
and I’d propose UK people going out in a group on Tuesday evening so we
can start the demonstration on Wednesday morning as the UNCC delegates
come to their offices, then we could catch an afternoon plane home.

Are any off you able to come to this, and bring as many friends as
possible? Can any of you make some big banners in Arabic, English or
other languages? Short slogans such as “Iraqis done owe a dime for
Saddam’s crime”, “where is the compensation for Iraqis?” which would
make good headlines or photograph well on a banner.

Please email/call me as soon as possible if your interested in coming,
and forward this message to interested people. I will post details on as they are decided.


Justin Alexander
UK Coordinator, <>
tel +44 7813 137171
"I know that changing the world is not easy
but it remains necessary nonetheless." -
<> Fadhil al-Azzawi
 <> Jubilee Iraq |
<> Future of Iraq portal

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