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Re: [casi] Another bogus mass grave story - from LA Times

Dear Andreas and List,

I for one would like to see an independent
investigation into the issue of the Mass Graves. The
problem is the credibility of the investigating side.

The Archeologists for Human Rights damage their
credibility by identifying the occupation of Iraq as a
“liberation” whereby they talk of a Free Iraq; and
they are fully cooperating with only the Kurdish
administration and no other group.

The AFHR’s page quotes two sources: Labour MP Ann
Clwyd  and Iraqi National Congress spokesman Entifadh
Qanbar; both of whose credibility is questionable. And
there is of course the famous AI, known for its
selective morality..

The issue is not that cooperating with the Kurdish
authorities is bad, but that the work would lack
objectivity. They are working with full funding and
support of the Dr. Mohammad Ihsan, Minister of Human
Rights of the Kurdistan Regional Government. If this
were not a sad issue, I would have thought the
Ministry is a joke...

One would ask: is the Minister going to show them the
graves where victims of the Kurdish infighting, and
who number in the thousands, were buried?
And how is the AFHR going to find out who was killed
by Saddam’s army and who was killed by the Kurds
Is the AFHR going to investigate the mass graves of
the Arab Communists and followers of Mahmoud Uthman
who were massacred by Talbani’s forces when Talbani
was a buddy of Saddam, hugging him and placing kisses
on his cheeks and forehead? Or the graves of the Iraqi
army soldiers taken prisoners in 1991, and executed by

Is the AFHR going to investigate the mass graves
created by the giant earthmovers used by the US in
1991 to bury Iraqi soldiers alive in southern Iraq?
How is the AFHR going to decide who was killed by
Saddam’s army and who was killed by the Shi’a
themselves in the 1991 uprising?

Relying on Entifadh Qanbar or Ann Clwyd is a sure
guarantee that the lies and fabrications will continue
and that the result is not reliable. After all those
are the same people who created the lies about the
WMDs and supported the war. Why should we trust them

I am always angered by hypocrisy and double standards.
Where was the AFHR and similar Human Rights groups
when Iraqis were dying by the hundreds every day
because of the sanctions and the US/UK bombs? Where
were they when Iraqis were prevented from getting
their basic needs?
Now they care for the Iraqis and want to investigate
only Saddam’s crimes.. How about crimes committed by
others; by the US, UK, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, etc...

Who will investigate the huge mass grave holding the
bodies of almost two million Iraqis murdered by the
civilized world in 13 years of sanctions??


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