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Re: [casi] Response to certain recent criticisms

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Indeed, I have never expressed any option of Saddam Hussein, nor do I
intend to.  I think the only post I have made in regard to the Hussein
family was to cast great doubt onto media accounts of the funeral of
Hussein sons, showing that the location used was not a cemetary at all rather an
open stretch of ground.  To me it suggested that the Hussein family was deliberately
being protected by the media and the US and British governments.  Now that
Uday and Quasay are officially "dead" they are now beyond the reach of any kind
of justice.

I think the media are playing a double game, louding decrying the activities
of the Hussein family (including stories that seem on face value absurd, shooting
the Iraqi soccer team, throwing love rivals to the lions etc) while at the same
time winking at their disappearance.


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[casi] Response to certain recent criticisms
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Being aware that many claims of mass graves are not real does not mean that we think that Saddam 
was a good man. We are all aware of what he is/was. But we do get probably exaggerated claims from 
Blair(who claimed Saddam was responsible for 1,000,000+ deaths) and from Bush etc. We do need to 
know who we can trust and who we can't. And that includes the media.


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