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[casi] Iraq Invasion By the Numbers

April 3, 2003
Published by ZNet

Iraq Invasion By the Numbers
By Jackson Thoreau

NOTE: This is an updated version of some numbers that tell the
stories behind Operation Iraqi Invasion and other military campaigns.
Some people have asked about sources for the statistics I list. I
didn't include those before because they often get cumbersome on a
list of statistics, but I understand why some want to know. The
sources are now listed at the end of these numbers, which speak for

Number of people living outside U.S. who have died in wars since
World War II: 25 million.
Years that Iraq has had chemical and biological weapons: 20.
Number of U.S. and European corporations that supplied Iraq with
materials and knowledge to make chemical and biological weapons since
the early 1980s: 150.
Number of Western nations that condemned Saddam Hussein in 1988
immediately after he reportedly used gas in the Kurdish town of
Halabja in 1988 to kill an estimated 5,000 people: 0.
Number of pounds of Agent Orange and other herbicides U.S. dropped in
the Vietnam War: 100 million.
Value of worldwide weapons trade: $800 billion.
Percentage of weapons dealt by U.S. companies worldwide: 50.
Estimated number of Iraqi civilian deaths in the 1991 Persian Gulf
War: 35,000.
Estimated number of retreating Iraqi soldiers buried alive by U.S.
tanks in 1991 war: 6,000.
Estimated number of Iraqi civilian deaths Pentagon predicted in the
2003 war: 10,000.
Estimated number of Iraqi civilian casualties in the 2003 war so far:
Percentage of Iraqi civilian deaths that are children: 50.
Estimated number of U.S. military casualties in 1991 war: 148.
Estimated number of U.S.-British military casualties so far in 2003
war: 119.
Estimated number of Iraqi military casualties so far in 2003 war:
Thousands [hospitals and the Red Cross stopped counting].
Tons of "depleted" uranium left in Iraq and Kuwait after the 1991
Gulf War: More than 320.
Percentage increase in cancer rates in Iraq between 1991 and 1994:
Half-life of the "depleted" uranium with which the U.S.-British
forces are coating Iraq for the second time: 4,500,000,000 years.
U.S. taxpayer dollars the Pentagon admitted it lost track of in 2001:
Decibel level of certain U.S. taxpayers yelling about overtaxation in
other contexts, such as welfare and social spending:
Number of years the U.S. has engaged in air strikes on Iraq: 26.
Pounds of explosives U.S.-led coalition dropped on Iraq in 1991
Persian Gulf War: 177 million.
Pounds of explosives U.S.-British pilots dropped on Iraq between
December 1998 and September 1999: 20 million.
Estimated pounds of explosives U.S.-British pilots have dropped on
Iraq since the start of Operation Iraqi Invasion in March 2003: 200
Years Iraq has lived under economic sanctions imposed by the UN: 12.
Iraqi child death rate in 1989 [per 1,000 births]: 30.
Iraqi child death rate in 1999 [per 1,000 births]: 131.
Number of Iraqis estimated to have died through 1999 due to UN
sanctions: 1.5 million.
Percentage of them children: 50.
Number of UN weapons inspections conducted in Iraq in November-
December 1998: 300.
Number of those inspections with problems: 5.
Number of UN weapons inspections conducted in Iraq in 2003: 500.
Number of UN resolutions Israel violated through 1992: More than 65.
Number of UN resolutions on Israel that U.S. vetoed between 1972 and
1990: More than 30.
Number of UN weapons inspections Israel has ever allowed: 0.
Number of UN weapons inspections the U.S. has ever allowed: 0.
Number of nuclear warheads U.S. has: More than 10,000.
Number of nuclear warheads Israel has: More than 400.
Number of nuclear warheads Iraq has: 0.
Number of countries known to have nuclear weapons: 8.
Number of countries that have used nuclear weapons on another
country: One [ the U.S.].

SOURCES: Center for Defense Information, Fellowship of
Reconciliation, United Nations, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists,
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Education for Peace in Iraq,
National Network to End the War in Iraq, Peace Action, Voices in the
Wilderness, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Amnesty
International, Red Cross, IndyMedia, numerous newspapers and other
media in the Middle East, Europe and U.S., including the London
Observer, Guardian, BBC, New York Times, and Arab Times.

Jackson Thoreau is co-author of We Will Not Get Over It: Restoring a
Legitimate White House. The updated, 120,000-word electronic book can
be downloaded on his Internet site at Citizens for
Legitimate Government has the earlier version at Thoreau can be
emailed at

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Mark Parkinson

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