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[casi] The secret visit speaks for itself

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The Secret Visit Speaks For Itself

The Bush sudden visit to the American troops in Iraq will not help them nor will boost their morale 
because they are highly demoralized. The Iraqi people are determined to liberate their country from 
Anglo-Saxon occupation and the resistance is gathering strength and support.  American and 
coalition troops of occupation are haunted with worries and fear. They know that they are in Iraq 
not to look for weapons of “ mass destruction” or to defend the people of the United States and 
protect them from an imaginary danger. They are there to kill and be killed for corporate America.

The secret visit speaks for itself. The president did not dare to walk the streets of Baghdad as a 
welcomed “liberator” but chose to visit his troops at a fortified garrison, in the Saddam 
International Airport, to lie to them about their task and about the cause they must die for.

Bush realized that his popularity is sagging at home and a dramatic trip like this was a necessity. 
He did like President Johnson who made a similar trip to Vietnam, to boost the morale of the troops 
and to save himself. But the situation in Vietnam got worse, the American soldiers kept coming home 
in plastic bags., Opposition to the war was mounting and he was forced not to seek another term.  
Few years later Vietnam achieved victory, American troops suffered humiliation and defeat and 
Vietnam was victorious.

George W. Bush is facing the same situation in Iraq. The genuine Iraqi National Resistance will 
keep growing and gaining strength. Like its predecessor in the twenties of last century, against 
the British occupation, the resistance will achieve victory against the new forces of evil. The 
Iraqis have their jungles in their cities, towns and villages. The quality of their tactics and 
strategies are improving as we have noticed in the past few days.

Bush has to stop lying to his nation and to his troops. He has to admit that he led his nation to a 
quagmire and his endeavour in Iraq was a disaster. It is a disaster for the world peace and 
stability. It is a disaster for US economy and security. It is a disaster for American families who 
lost and are still loosing their sons and daughters in this unjust and criminal war.

Public animosity towards the United States is so prevalent now and it keeps growing across the Arab 
and Muslim lands because of the Anglo-American occupation and destruction of Iraq. Arab and Muslims 
see that American foreign policy is hostile to them and supportive to Zionist aggression. They see 
that the occupation of Iraq was achieved by the Anglo-American Imperialists for the benefits of the 
Zionist entity in Palestine. America’s image is tarnished and will never be clean until the United 
States changes its policies or be defeated and humiliated in Iraq.

The United States of America and American media are misleading the American public and distorting 
the facts. They claim that Arabs and Muslims are supporting the occupation of Iraq and ridding the 
Iraqis from a “brutal” regime while in fact the United States is ridding Iraq from its identity and 
wealth. The United Sates is spreading terror among the Iraqis and is destroying the Iraqi 
institutions and economy. The Arab and Muslims who are supporting Washington and Bush war of terror 
are the so called Arab and Muslim rulers who are anointed and supported by Washington, while the 
Arab masses are against these rulers and against the occupation of Iraq and Palestine.

President Bush is very confused and desperate. His foreign policy is failing and he is dragging the 
United States deeper in the quagmire of his making. The appointed council in Iraq is a disaster and 
illegitimate. Calling the United Nations to help Washington in Iraq to restore security and help 
transfer authority will not work. The immediate withdrawal of foreign troops and restoring the 
legitimate government are the only way to restore peace and security to Iraq and to the region.


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Best Regards

Ibrahim Ebeid




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