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[casi] Al-Moharer 156

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Is Bush A Road Runner?

Bush brought disgrace to the United States by launching a war of aggression on Iraq. A war, which 
was built on lies, led to the occupation and destruction of the Cradle of Civilization. It put the 
United States in a quagmire that brought misery and insecurity to the United States and to the 
World. The blood of innocent Iraqis, American, British and Italian soldiers stained his hands. He 
ignored the millions who went to the streets across the vast land of the U.S.A. challenging him and 
voicing their opposition to his war of aggression. But his ignorance, arrogance and fanaticism led 
him to go against every voice of wisdom and against the World who said "No to War" and is saying 
"End the occupation".

President Bush became a Road Runner, he is begging the World and the United Nations for help to 
save him from the quick sand that is sucking him quickly and without mercy  in Iraq. The National 
Resistance was born from the womb of Iraq. It is supported and nourished by the people despite the 
destruction of their homes by the forces of aggression. The demolition of houses, a lesson that the 
Anglo Saxon forces learned from the Zionist entity, will not create horror among the Iraqis. It 
will stiffen their resistance and will hasten the support of the entire population of Iraq for the 
war of liberation from foreign occupation. American soldiers and their allies are not safe in the 
land or in the skies of Iraq. They are being hunted on the ground and shot down from the skies. 
They are not safe in their headquarters, in the Palaces or in the hotels they occupy.

President Bush state visit to Britain was a failure for him and for his allies. The Majority of the 
British people and the World are against his aggression. He was forced to scrap his scheduled 
speech in front of the House of Commons for the dread of being booed and heckled. His huge effigy 
was toppled in Trafalgar Square in the heart of London and was tread upon by three hundred thousand 
strong. But still he does not get it.

Mr.Reg Keys, whose son Thomas was killed in Iraq, was not on the list of family members of fallen 
British servicemen invited to meet George W. Bush in London. He wished he were present. He had a 
message for the U.S. president.  "I'd love to meet him, but I'd refuse his hand," he said. "I'd 
say: 'I can't shake that hand. It's stained with the blood of my son.'"  "I think we were all 
deceived and I think (Bush) has got a nerve to show his face after the deceit he's pointed toward 
us," he added. "My son goes off to war thinking he's protecting the country -- he's gone off 
deceived and lost his life deceived."

Mr. Reg Keys was right and expressed the feeling of millions around the Globe. The President’s 
hands are stained with blood of many American, British, Italian soldiers and of thousands of 
innocent Iraqis. He will keep running, like the Road Runner, until he is defeated in the Land of 
the Great Civilization, in the of the Cradle of Civilization.

US And Zionist Cooperation

Hanna Kildani

The United States is facing a nightmare in Iraq that might be worse than its experience in Vietnam. 
The national resistance is growing bolder and inflicting heavy casualties among the occupying 
forces. Fear and horror are widespread among the soldiers who are fighting on behalf of corporate 
America, for oil and "Israel".

But the extreme fanatic right that rules the United States is blinded by the cowboy mentality that 
dominate Bush and his group. The Administration is seeking ways and means to strengthen its 
weakened machine of terror in order to consolidate its occupation and colonization of Iraq. For the 
last six months U.S. Army commanders, Pentagon officials and military trainers have sought advice 
from “Israeli” intelligence and security officials on everything from how to set up roadblocks to 
the best way to bomb suspected guerrilla hide-outs in an urban area reported LA Times in its issue 
November 22, 2003.
Stephen Cambone, undersecretary of Defense for intelligence admitted that the United States and 
“Israel” are working together though the cooperation of both countries about Iraq is highly 
classified. "Those who have to deal with like problems tend to share information as best they can."

The Zionist forces, in occupied Palestine, are entrusted to terrorize the Palestinians while the US 
Administration is doing the same job in Iraq. The same tactics are being used against the 
Palestinians and Iraqis. The cooperation between the Zionist entity and the United States is 
getting stronger for years. "There are routine channels that have been there for years, and those 
channels have been energized," a Zionist official said of the communications. "The American 
military has been very interested in our lessons … in how do you do surgical strikes in an urban 
zone, how do you hit the bad guy with minimum collateral damage." Of course the "bad guys" are the 
freedom fighters in Palestine and the national resistance fighters in Iraq.

US Special Forces and the Zionist army train together, in the United States and in occupied 
Palestine. The Zionist defense minister visits the Pentagon three to four times a year. Shaul 
Mofaz, met with Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on November 10, 2003, of course the subject of 
Iraq and Palestine were on the agenda.

The United States and "Israel" are joining their forces against Iraq and Palestine. They are 
sharing the same tactics of terror and the same agenda to further rip the Arab homeland apart. They 
are using a vicious force and are trying to create chaos and instability in the "Middle East" so 
they can enjoy our wealth and our natural resources.

George W. Bush claims that he is bringing us "Democracy" but in reality, he is oppressing us, 
robbing us and destroying our culture and heritage. Bush and his strategic allies, claim that the 
Zionist entity is the most "democratic" state in the "Middle East" while in reality it is the most 
racist entity in the world. It is illegal. It was created by the West and it exists in our land.


 Al-Moharer 156




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