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[casi] From Riverbend

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Donkeys and Guerillas...

Ok, todays blog is going to look like something
straight out of The Onion.

Donkeys Could Be the Missing Link?

Baghdad, Iraq- At around a quarter past 7 this
morning, residents in downtown Baghdad awoke to the
sound of explosions. Many inhabitants claimed that
they assumed the sounds were the result of Operation
Iron Hammer- the latest military tactic designed to
send a message to Iraqi insurgents.

Upon turning on their televisions, Baghdadis realized
that two prominent hotels and the Ministry of Oil had
recently been attacked. The two hotels assailed with
missiles were the Sheraton and Palestine Hotel, both
situated in a busy, commercial locale in the Iraqi
capital. The hotels are home to the reporters and
journalists of many major news networks, including the
CNN, as well as foreign contractors. While there seem
to be no casualties in either of the hotels, or the
Ministry, witnesses confirmed there were injuries.

The assailants? Donkeys. Yes, donkeys were found in
various locations in Baghdad, leading colorful carts
with missile launchers and missiles camouflaged with
hay. The donkeys, looking guilty and morose, were
promptly taken into custody for questioning and were
not available for a statement.

"He looks just like the purple donkey in Winnie
Dab-Doob!" gasped one, young Baghdad resident, related
to the reporter, in reference to one of the

The First Real Link

Could this be the first real tie to Al-Qaeda? After
months of trying to connect Iraq to terrorist
activities, this latest attack could prove to be the
Pentagon's 'missing link' . After all, donkeys and
mules are very widely used in Afghanistan to travel
through the rocky, mountainous region- their presence
in Baghdad is highly suspicious. It is, as yet,
unclear whether the donkeys are foreign guerillas who
crossed into Iraq from one of the neighboring
countries, or are actually a part of a local Al-Qaeda

Baghdad residents are wondering: could these culprits
be the first donkeys sent to Guantanamo?

By Riverbend, Baghdad Burning

It's true... it's all we've been talking about all

- posted by river @ 12:56 AM

Thank You...

A very special thanks to three people. The first is
Frank Tobin who got Blogger to upgrade my blog so that
the advertisements are gone and I can do a lot of
things I couldn't do before. The second person is Jeff
Reed who has registered – Riverbend
is a dot com now! The third person is Diana over at
Letter from Gotham for… well, she knows why!

BTW, I've updated Is Something Burning...

- posted by river @ 12:50 AM

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