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[casi] Liberated from civilization

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I have been "liberated" from telephone service for 7 months! I am "liberated" now from electricity 
for more than 40 hours. According to Brookings institute figures Baghdad was getting (pre war) 2500 
Mega Watts and in September 1229 Mega Watts (less than 50%).  I have heard more than 20 explosions 
in Baghdad in the last hour or so. CNN and othe media are not reporting this (bad news) yet!. Maybe 
I will finaly be "liberated" from life soon!

Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar
Baghdad, occupied Iraq,4057,7893677%255E1702,00.html

Much of Baghdad without power
November 17, 2003

WIDE areas of the Iraqi capital were without power today, but the head of the city's main power 
plant ruled out sabotage as a cause for the outage.

Power went off around midnight local time and was still off some 10 hours later. The US compound 
and some major buildings were lit by generators.

The head of the al-Doura power plant, the city's largest, said that power supplies from the north 
to Baghdad were disrupted after heavy rains in the country and Baghdad plants became overloaded due 
to the shortage.

Jinan Matti said that power workers in Baghdad were working to restore electrical supplies.

A US military spokesman said the coalition press centre was operating on generator power.

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