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[casi] The Tragedy Of Sanctions Repeated

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The Tragedy Of Sanctions Repeated

The United States of America is continuing to show its enmity towards the Arab World. Its hostility 
towards the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause prompted the Zionist entity to commit 
atrocities and crimes of genocide against the people of Palestine. The unholy alliance between 
Washington and the Zionist entity is leading the World into a catastrophe. This catastrophe started 
more than half a century ago in Palestine and is still going on. Killing the Palestinians did not 
stop since then.

The Hostility turned towards Baghdad.  Iraq was destroyed under the genocidal sanctions that were 
supported and maintained for more than a decade by the United States and its allies. The daily 
bombing and killing of Iraqis has not stopped either since 1991.

Sanctions are used, these days, by the United States against those who dare to refuse to be under 
US Zionist domination and against those who gallantly stand for justice and liberation. Thirteen 
years ago, the tragedy of sanctions started in Iraq followed by a devastating war that is still 
going on.

Now, Syria is accused of "supporting "terrorism" (Freedom Fighters) in Lebanon and Palestine. 
Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons are one of the lies that were used against Iraq to justify 
the occupation. The Zionist entity occupies Palestine and enjoys the largest arsenal of weapons of 
mass destruction that poses continuous threat to the Arabs and to World security and stability, and 
yet, it enjoys the unconditional support and help of Washington, the champion of "democracy" and 

Last week the U.S. Congress approved tough new sanctions against Syria. This hostile bill that was 
passed by the Congress will give George W. Bush the excuse to move against Syria any time he wishes.

This Bill entitles Washington to starve the Arab people of Syria as it is starving the Palestinians 
and Iraqis and it will deprive them from the basic necessities. It will give Bush the excuse to rob 
Syria from its wealth and confiscate its assets in the United Sates banks and probably in European 
banks that are allied with George W. Bush.

The sanctions and wars against the Arabs are imposed on behalf of “Israel’ to achieve its dream for 
a "Greater entity" from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Maybe George W. Bush is doing the Arab people a favor without his intention or knowledge. He is 
motivating the Arab masses to build a unified Arab National Resistance that might sweep the entire 
Arab World that might lead to their Freedom. Liberation and Unity. The resistance already exists in 
Palestine, In Iraq it is gaining momentum and strength and inflicts heavy casualty on the occupying 
forces. Young Americans are paying a heavy price for a war that it is not in their interests. The 
war against the Arabs and Muslims is in the interests of Halliburton, Bechtel, oil and the Zionist 

Congress members who support the aggressions have no sons and daughters in the killing zones, only 
poor Americans have and their sons and daughters get killed or injured. American young people 
should be home enjoying the American “dream” They should be home with their children, families and 
Al-Moharer 155




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