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[casi] Iraqi mayor backed by US is killed in dispute with guard

And these are the people who were "happy" that they
were "liberated" by the US..


Iraqi mayor backed by US is killed in dispute with
By Mustafa Alrawi in Baghdad
12 November 2003

The American-nominated mayor of a volatile Shia Muslim
section of Baghdad has been killed in a confrontation
with Unites States troops, dealing a serious blow to
efforts by the occupation authorities to win the trust
of the local population.

The death of Mohened Ghazi al-Kaby, 29, head of an
interim council in Sadr City whose members were
hand-picked by US officials, overshadowed an
announcement yesterday by the Allied military
commander, Lieutenant-General Ricardo Sanchez, that
American forces had arrested about 20 people possibly
connected with al-Qa'ida in the wake of recent

An explosion killed six Iraqis yesterday in the
southern city of Basra, on a road frequently used by
British troops.

Mr Kaby was shot dead on Sunday when he arrived at the
interim council's headquarters for a meeting.
According to the US military, the driver of a vehicle
got into an argument with a soldier guarding the
building, and refused to have his car searched in
accordance with security procedures put in place after
the wave of car bombings in the capital in recent
weeks. He was shot in the leg by another soldier after
he tried to grab the guard's rifle, and later died of
his injuries, the US army said.

Local witnesses denied this account yesterday, saying
Mr Kaby was simply refused entry by a "new guard", who
did not recognise him. They said the soldier pushed Mr
Kaby, who spoke fluent English, several times. After
the council head slapped the guard, a colleague opened

Swadi Salah, a member of the council who was phoned by
Mr Kaby to come to the gate, said that there had been
a delay in giving first aid. "The troops would not
allow anyone to take him to hospital, saying we should
wait for an ambulance," said Mr Salah. "The soldiers
did not take him to one of two hospitals in the area.
They took him to Rustamiya American field hospital,
more than half an hour away. How can you explain

Although Sadr City was calm yesterday - Mr Kaby was
not a member of the main Shia political groupings, and
protests over his death were relatively small - the
killing of a man who was trying to improve relations
between the Americans and the impoverished people of
the area is a setback the coalition cannot afford when
there are fears of al-Qa'ida involvement in recent

Lt-Gen Sanchez said no definite links to Osama bin
Laden's network had yet been established. "At one
point, we had up to about 20 suspected al-Qa'ida
members, but as we have continued to refine and
interrogate, we have not been able to establish
definitively that they were al-Qa'ida members," he
said. He did not say where they were held, when they
were detained or whether any of them have been

US officials have said they suspect foreign
volunteers, including some from al-Qa'ida, have
slipped into Iraq to take part in a "holy war" against
the American-led occupation.

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