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[casi] Al-Moharer 154

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The George Bush Democracy!

President George W. Bush has exhausted every attempt to justify his
aggression s against Iraq and Afghanistan. Now he portrays himself as
the champion of peace and Democracy. His war against Iraq was not
for "weapons of mass destruction" nor it was for Democracy.
The "weapons of mass destructions" were not found because simply they
do not exist. The war definitely was for colonizing Iraq for its oil
and wealth and to support the Zionist occupation of Palestine to keep
the Arab World divided and weak.
We are witnessing the Democracy American style in Iraq. This
Democracy has destroyed Iraq, its institutions and helped to instill
fear and spread chaos and terror among the people. Both Bushes
Administrations created poverty, illness and unemployment across
Iraq. They put the infrastructure of Iraq in ruins. Millions of
Iraqis suffered under the unjust sanctions. Thousands of children
under the age of five died needlessly as a result of those sanctions.
Under the pretense of "Democracy" Iraqi soldiers were buried alive in
mass graves by the forces that his father commanded. General Colin
Powell's troops slaughtered Iraqi soldiers who were withdrawing from
Kuwait along with civilians who were fleeing the terror of war on the
Highway that became known as the Highway of Death.
Young Iraqi women are afraid to go out alone. Parents escort their
children to schools Water is not fit to drink. Electricity is not
available. Life is disrupted and miserable like never before.
In one town alone, in Al-Khaldiyah, 11 women were arrested. Women are
taken as pawns, or hostages by the American forces to be used as
pressure to force their children and husbands to quit the resistance
and surrender.
Maybe George W. Bush was able to control the appointed Arab
dictators, but he certainly failed to control the Arab people across
the Arab land. The Iraqi Resistance is growing, gaining support and
spreading to Basra, Imarah, Babel, Missan, Thiqar, Najaf, Karbala and
Kirkuk, etc… In Palestine the Zionist forces failed to intimidate the
Palestinian people. The Palestinian Resistance is determined to fight
until Historic Palestine is liberated and democracy is achieved.
The Arab masses know very well that the Bush "Democracy" is an
attempt to keep us divided into mini states and to prevent us to be
united in one homeland that will bring us progress, liberty and
The Bush style "Democracy" for export means terror, domination,
colonization and daytime robbery that Arabs, Muslims and good
Americans reject and condemn. It means certain death to American
soldiers who are forced to die for Corporate USA and "Israel".
The Arab people, excluding the rulers, consider Palestine the center
of their struggle and it lies between the Mediterranean and the River
Jordan. It is Arab and Islamic in Character that the Zionists usurped
with the help of the West. The Arab masses know very well that the
Bush " Democracy" is an attempt to keep us divided into mini states
and to prevent us to be united in one homeland that will bring us
progress, liberty and freedom.
Democracy will be achieved when The Palestinian freedom fighters
liberate Palestine from the river to the sea and when the Iraqis
liberate their land from occupation and colonization.
Mr. Bush is neither a friend of the Arabs nor a friend of the Iraqis
or the Palestinians. He might be a friend of the Arab "rulers" but
certainly not a friend of the Arab masses. He is pro "Israel" 100%
and against Arabs 100%. His pro "Israeli" stand is evidence to our
allegation. He is not pro Democracy but pro occupation and

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