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[casi] (Fwd) Demand a Real Inquiry

You may already have received this:

They are very good on privacy.

Dear friend,

Over the last two years, thousands of people from the United Kingdom
joined and to protest President Bush's wars
on Afghanistan and Iraq.

Now, as the evidence for the Iraq war falls apart, we're writing to
ask you to support a new British group called Our World Our Say which
is calling for a full inquiry into what went wrong.  You can sign the
petition in under 2 minutes at:

A letter from Gerard Rosenberg of Our World Our Say follows.


It now seems that Tony Blair misled the British public. The US-led
Iraq Survey Group recently reported that, after six months of
searching, no weapons of mass destruction have been found. Yet the UK
government refuses to launch a full judicial inquiry on whether they
went to war under false pretences.

George Bush is coming to the UK on 19th November and this is a prime
opportunity in Britain to increase the pressure for a full judicial

Our World Our Say, a UK-based organisation, is hoping to initially
collect 10,000 signatures on a petition which calls for a full
judicial inquiry into the circumstances that led us to war.

Sign here and pass the message onto concerned friends and colleagues.

On September 24th 2002 Tony Blair stated: "His [Saddam's] WMD
[weapons of mass destruction] programme is active, detailed and
growing. The policy of containment is not working. The WMD programme
is not shut down. It is up and running." He described the
intelligence upon which his assertion was based as: "extensive,
detailed and authoritative".

The Prime Minister chose to ignore popular disapproval of the path to
war. As a result, thousands of people have died, a country is in
chaos, the UK is spending 5 million a day just to keep the troops
there, and the UK's international reputation is in tatters.

As voters and citizens we have the right to hold government to
account. Two Parliamentary committees were prevented from conducting
full investigations. The Hutton inquiry has mainly focused on the
events surrounding Dr David Kelly's death. We need a full independent
judicial inquiry into all the circumstances leading to our
involvement in the Iraq war. The voters of the UK deserve...and
demand nothing less!

In the words of The Guardian newspaper: "This WMD fiasco has brought
into question the judgement, competence and candour of the
intelligence services and, indeed, of Mr. Blair and senior ministers.
As a matter of fact, not opinion, Britain went to war on a false
premise. It hardly needs to be said how very serious and very
damaging a conclusion that is."

We urge you to sign the Our World Our Say petition by clicking the
above address.  Do get all of your relations, friends and colleagues
to sign, too. The British people deserve answers.

This is the only nation-wide campaign for a full judicial inquiry.
Please add your name by Friday, 14th November. A high-level
delegation will then submit the petition to 10 Downing Street.

Yours, Gerard Rosenberg Our World Our Say

Mark Parkinson

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