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[casi] Re: Hacks of Baghdad

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'Cabbies work 12-hour shifts, making around $7.50 working days, and $8.00
working nights - a "good:"
amount, one driver told me. Fares are incredibly cheap: to travel four miles
from my hotel to
Coalition headquarters I offer $2.00 - an amount some Iraqi hacks have
actually refused, claiming
it's too much. (Fortunately for these drivers, gas is also inexpensive,
around 15 cents a gallon.)
In a small, but telling, detail of Iraqi life, a single passenger rides in
the front seat - to sit
in the back, New York-style, implies that you are somehow subservient to the
driver, a gaffe
abhorrent to the Arab sense of egalitarianism.'

Well Yasser, actually there is a joke amongst hacks that when you resort to
getting the story from the taxi driver you are at your wits end to file
anything at all. But fascinated by your journey from your 'hotel to the
Coalition Headquarters' - that's the story, what were u doing there. Go on
tell us, after all it's been attacked three times in as may days and there
must be fascinating insights, even in spite of the RPG's. And you must have
such pull to get in there .... go on, tell us all. The REAL story.

Best, felicity a.

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