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[casi] Why was the Red Cross in Baghdad attacked?

Dear List,

The attack on the premises of the ICRC in Baghdad on
October 27 came as shocking news to the Iraqis and the
world. It was immediately blamed on Saddam’s loyalists
and on foreign elements, as has become the habit of
the US occupation forces and their apologists in Iraq
and abroad.

There seems to be another angle to the matter.

On the day of the attack, Al-Jazeera broadcast a news
item from its correspondent in Baghdad stating the

“Al-Jazeera’s correspondent in Baghdad has reported
that a huge explosion shook the area housing the Red
Cross offices and the Sameri hospital in the centre of
Baghdad among expectations of large casualties.
According to the correspondent another explosion
happened 15 minutes after the first one and ambulances
rushed to the explosion site while the Iraqi Police
pushed people away from the site.

The occupation forces cordoned off the area as US
helicopters were seen flying over. The correspondent
said that the Sameri hospital is a Jewish hospital
which had received several warnings.

As regarding what the target was, the correspondent
stated that since there are no occupation forces in
the area, it seems probable that the Red Cross and the
Sameri hospital were the targets of the attack.”

News from Baghdad confirm that the Sameri hospital is
an Israeli hospital which was established after the
occupation at al-Sa’adoon Street. Al-Jazeera was the
first channel to report the explosion in its news
bulletin at 9 am Baghdad time, but did not repeat it
in later bulletins, after its correspondent was
arrested by the occupation forces while on his way to
cover the explosion at al-Khadhra’a in the west of

Baghdadis believe that the real target was the Sameri
hospital, but that the suicide attacker either missed
the target or couldn’t reach it because of the heavy
machine gun fire from the guards in the area.

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