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Re: [casi] Hacks of Baghdad

The right-wing US foreign policy, and especially Bush's, has been
particularly characterized with believing and distortion, from the
cock-eyed theories of  Leo Strauss to the "threat" of the rebels in Central
America, and now to Iraq's WMD and dancing in the streets.

The current story is not much different.  While there may well be
criminals, nasty Ba'athists, and foreign terrorists involved,  the complete
dismissal of any possibility that at least some of these attacks are by
ordinary Iraqis, and with the support of ordinary Iraqis, can lead only to
further disaster.

Surely Iraq is not Vietnam, but the great similarity between the two is US
denial and  continuance of  "The Bush crowd hurtled into Baghdad on the law
of Disney: Wishing can make it so." Wouldn't it be nice if all the attacks
were by the "gansters";  but by applying the law of the jungle in
indiscriminate bombing and blowing farmer's fields, by ringing a city with
barbed wire and requiring identification and permission to pass
checkpoints,  by shooting and mistreating civilians, the result will not be
improvement, but further deterioration.

The Chicago public was outraged at the gangsters after the St. Valentines
Day Massacre, in which all but one of the victims were other gangsters. Is
it so realistic to think that Iraqis are enraged when the US kills their
relatives and friends? Hardly!

The first law of the jungle is to be "street smart" and see the reality. By
the US not recognizing that it, itself, is behaving as, and seen by many
as, the gangsters and not the good guys,  it not only strengthens the "bad
guys" but creates more support and recruitment for them.  That's what
ignoring the rules of engagment turns one into: just an American verion of
Saddam and his thugs.

If Ms. O'Dowd  wants to refer to Disney, she should remember his animation
of  Joel Chandler Harris's "Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby" (  Time for the US to retreat back
into it's briar patch and let the UN handle Saddam's tar baby

>November 9, 2003
>The Chicago Way


>so. Now they're ensnared in the law of the jungle: the rules of engagement
>don't apply with this scary cocktail of Saddam loyalists, foreign fighters and
>terrorists, who hold nothing sacrosanct, not human rights organizations,
>humanitarian groups or Iraqi civilians.
>The gangsters are getting ever bolder about picking off our soldiers on land

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