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Re: [casi] USINFO Through the Looking Glass - Mad Hatter Returns

>left. We've been recruiting them for six months. We've been putting them in
>the police force; we've been putting them in the border patrol and the site
>protection and in the army, and that's been going on for months. There is
>nothing new with that.
>Snow: Do you not worry that some of the people who are going to come in
>will, in fact, be Saddam loyalists, who are Baathists?
>Rumsfeld: We do.
>Snow: And how do you protect against that? Do you let the Iraqis take care
>of that as well?
>Rumsfeld: Well, we vet them, we check them against database -- a number of
>databases, and if they pass the first vetting, we go ahead and bring them in
>and train them. What happens, however, is that there is a public vetting.
>Once people see people in the police and so forth, they come around and say,
>"Look, you've got the wrong fellow there. That person was one of the bad
>guys." In which case, we look into that and take action. So there is a

How convenient, for those who are criminals or one of many contending
organizations seeking power. Rather than having to go to the expense of
bribing police, it will be sufficient to merely get together a few people
to accuse them of being nasty Ba'athists.  Such tactics worked in
Afghanistan, even to manipulating US troops to attack those were smeared
with the lable of "Taliban", whether they were or not.

So it will be the occupiers who "look into it" and decide if that policeman
(or police captain) will keep his job and keep out of prison under the
cloud of accusation? The sameoccupiers who have already sacked so many
people critical to a functioning Iraq?

Here is yet one more argument for turning all authority over to the UN, who
will be more disinterested, and as soon as possible, to the Iraqis themselves.

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