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I found this on the website.  I thought this bit
particularly interesting.  "during the 90s Saddam "cut" spending on public health" while
there was no mention whatsoever of sanctions.  I think we call this

HEALTH: Under Saddam, one in eight Iraqi children died before the age of five
and infant mortality was among the highest in the Arab world. Quality
healthcare was reserved for Baath party officials and others connected to the regime.
During the 1990’s, Saddam cut spending on public health by over 90%. Today,
working closely with the Iraqi Health Ministry and other Iraqi medical
professionals, the Coalition is restoring and expanding basic health care services.
All of Iraq’s 240 hospitals have been re-opened, and 95% of Iraq’s health
clinics are open and accepting patients.
More than 22 million doses of vaccines have been delivered to support
vaccinating 4.2 million children and 700,000 pregnant women. By the end of 2004, more
than 90 percent of Iraqi children under age five will have been immunized
against preventable diseases such as polio, tuberculosis, and measles. There are
no signs of epidemics.
The Coalition delivered more than 12,000 tons of pharmaceuticals and medical
supplies in the last 120 days.
Next year, the goal is to provide backup power systems to every Ministry of
Health hospital in Iraq, provide medical-grade oxygen to all hospitals, and
establish a healthcare facility replacement program.

Roger Stroope
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff USA

In response to criticism concerning the first Gulf War.
 I firmly believed we should not march into Baghdad ...To occupy Iraq would
instantly shatter our coalition, turning the whole Arab world against us and
make a broken tyrant, into a latter-day Arab hero … George H. W. Bush (41)

...assigning young soldiers to a fruitless hunt for a securely entrenched
dictator and condemning them to fight in what would be an unwinnable urban
guerrilla war. George H. W. Bush (41)

In response to reporters query relating to attacks against US service people.
Bring 'em on! George W. Bush (43) July 3, 2003

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