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[casi] Fwd: bustw-list [Fwd: [mailfrompeacewatchsupporterslist] major alert fromScottish CND]

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Please forward to anyone you think might be interested:
2. U.S. Air Strike in the Middle East imminent?
Since Saturday, people in the Highlands of Scotland have been witnessing
large movements of US warplanes overhead. Experienced observers say the
large numbers are reminiscent of those that preceded the bombing of Iraq in
1998 and military strikes on Libyai in the1980ís as well as the first Gulf
At the weekend warplanes were flying over at a rate of roughly one every 15
minutes. As well as watching them from the ground the plane spotters have
also been able to overhear pilots talking by listening to their radio
It is thought that the planes have flown on a route from the US over the
north pole to bases in Europe and the Mediterranean. The size and scale of
the movement suggests that the US may be preparing to strike at a country in
the Middle East in the next week to ten days.
Please pass this information on as widely as possible- the US may be
planning to use the pretext of "foreign" terrorist attacks on US personnel
in Iraq to attack Iran or Syria.
Please alert any sympathetic elected representatives, media representatives
and other sympathetic organisations. Publicising this military movement may
prevent the air-strikes.
SCOTTISH CND, 15 Barrland Street, Glasgow, G41 1QH. Tel: 0141 423 1222
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