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Re: [casi] Re : "Iraq: The Missing Billions ...' Quis Custodiat....?

Yes, Felicity, I think scepticism is well justified here. We're forced to
rely on the IMF and World Bank to act as checks on the US. The CPA does
nominate the auditors - I'm sure you can think of your own Enron jokes. As
for who nominates the possibly-Iraq non-voting members, it *seems* to be
the governing council:

"B. The IAMB, after consulting with the CPA Administrator, may appoint up
to 5 observers to the IAMB from a list of independent, qualified
candidates, which should include Iraqi nationals nominated by the Governing
Council of Iraq. Any such appointment shall require unanimous approval of
all members of the IAMB."

I'd guess this means that the GC does all the nominating, although it does
seem to say that the GC only nominates the Iraqi candidates (a comma after
'nationals' would make it all so much simpler). You probably have a better
sense than I do of how independent/representative the GC is - there don't
seem to be any records of their meetings, etc, on the web.

Also, I don't think 'consulting' implies that the CPA has a veto (although
it could turn out like that in practice). For example, SCR 1483 requires
the CPA to consult with the UN, but that doesn't give the UN much real
power. In short, the situation is still pretty bad, but marginally better
than it was before.

Dan [painfully aware that what's in the documents doesn't have a great deal
of importance for what happens on the ground]

--On 31 October 2003 11:06 +0000 farbuthnot <>

> Looking at them, it seems that the IAMB has managed to carve itself out a
> certain level of independence. A couple of the worst bits of the CPA's
> proposals have been removed (they wanted to appoint the first chair, and
> also 5 non-voting members) ..................
> Dear list,
> Thanks to Daniel for this well spotted ad illuminating posting. However,
> as I see it (unless I completely misread) the foxes are still in charge
> of the henhouse when the CPA has final approval for the nominations. And
> by Iraqis representing the various set ups, are these real Iraqis,
> 'democratically' chosen, or blow ins with US or UK passports who have not
> been in Iraq for fifty years or so and friendly to the CPA and that super
> accountant Ahmed Chalabi?
> Or am I just a cynical old bag?
> Warmest, felicity a.

Daniel O'Huiginn
O9, Queens' College, Cambridge
07789 260207 01223 564613

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