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[casi] Glen Rangwala - World Uranium Weapons Conference - CampusAnti-War Network Convenes - Scott Ritter

Greetings - Traprock's website is back with major updates after we've been
away at the World Uranium Weapons Conference in Hamburg. We stopped in
London for interviews with Glen Rangwala and Kate Hudson (CND) and meetings
at Parliament (on DU) and with Stop the War's Andrew Burgin.

Visit for these new original items.

*Glen Rangwala interviewed with Sunny Miller. He discusses the lies that led
to war (he had such a major role in exposing lies) and the prospects (bleak,
unfortunately) for peace in Iraq and the Middle East. He raises an
interesting question for the peace movement. What next after demonstrations
by millions did not stop the war?
Hear the interview at as an mp3 (50 min). It's a
large - 20 mg file - so we are uploading a Real version too. We can make
high bit mp3 versions available for broadcast media only by request.

**World Uranium Weapons Conference - The 4 day conference in Hamburg (Oct
16-19)  brought 200 participants from over 20 nations. The conference
website has resolutions and reports -
Our website has a photo-album of the conference and audio.
We've uploaded interviews with Professor Siegwart Horst Gunther, who has
visited Iraqi hospitals and had taken a DU sample from Iraq after Gulf War
I, and Professor Albrecht Schott on chromosomal damage caused by DU.

Much more is on the way. Once I'm back from the Campus Anti-War Network
conference in Chicago. I will continue to upload audio of presentations and
Sunny Miller's interviews with Iraqi scientists and other presenters. We'll
also post with joy her interview with Kate Hudson, new Chair of the Campaign
for Nuclear Disarmament.

**The Campus Anti-War Network has grown to over 150 campuses and is earning
national and international respect for its commitment to democratic and
grassroots values. It is thoroughly student-owned and operated. Check out
its website at <>
We will come back with photos and audio for our site.

**Scott Ritter had graced us by joining Traprock for its 24th birthday
celebration on Oct. 7. We had uploaded his presentation at that time. Now
we've uploaded his dynamic answers to questions. The Q and A is as
substantial as the talk. Hear it at <>

Charles Jenks, attorney at law
President of the Core Group
Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342
413-773-1633; Fax 413-773-7507

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