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[casi] "Iraq: The Missing Billions" report

In all fairness to the Occupying Authority, and I am reluctant to defend them, the sum of money 
mentioned in the report is not a firmly established figure.

"Christian Aid said in a report that the Coalition Provisional Authority had explained publicly 
only how it had spent $1-billion of the $5-billion it has been given for Iraqi development. The 
funds include $1-billion from the former UN Oil for Food program, $2.5-billion in assets seized 
from Saddam Hussein's former regime and $1.5-billion in oil revenue, the group said.

Of the 2.5 billion assets ceased from the Saddam Hussein, much of that was probably offshore assets 
and not necessarily readily realised, or even ought to be realised.  Another large portion of that 
2.5 billion could be various news media reports of large sums of US dollars ceased by the Coalition 
forces in their advance.  Including at least one widely publicised report of $600 million US cash.  
These reports were clearly fiction, not based in any reality.  Indeed it would be very difficult to 
obtain 600 million US cash in any country, even the US let alone Iraq.

Given these sums of money didnt exist in the first place, one can hardly accuse the CPA of 
mismanaging them.

But the whole transparancy of the Oil for Food programme is still a very much an open question as 
is how and to whom the UN allocated contracts to.

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