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Re: [casi] Nutcase Robert Cooper:"Civilise or die"

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 hello all
could someone please interpret mr cooper's article? i am unable to deduce any
thesis that is presented. is he disinterring the "white man's burden"
approach?  is he proposing a call for "onward christian soldiers"? or is he proposing
to advance civilization by deploying western "good laws and good armies" to
bring about regime changes? and who is to determine when or which regime needs
changing? is a case being made that eu is a superior arbiter than the un?. the
article leaves me guessing.
however the fractured fairy tales he weaves in interpreting and mireading
history does not confuse me. the article is replete with statements lacking in
scholarship and intellectual integrity. i am a bit surprised the article is
published in the guardian without a challenge to such dishonest statements as....

_____The world we are accustomed to - where every state minds its own
business and others have no right to interfere - began to disappear with air travel,
the internet, global television. With weapons of mass destruction it is gone
forever. Multipolar deterrence in the Middle East would not be stable (the
subcontinent is already a worry on its own)_____

where every state etc....? when if ever was that ?where have i been to have
missed that? just within the past 50 years, has mr cooper not heard of
magsaysay in the philippines, castillo armas in guatemala, suharto in indonesia, reza
pahlevi in iran, pinochet in chili, saddam hussein in iraq, the sauds in the
arabian name just a few children of the cia? (as the popular
socialist mossaddeq of iran was overthrown and the shah was brought back to
power, the shah, in thanks, states to kermit roosevelt of the cia : "i owe my
throne to god and to you").

_____. Imperial powers bequeathed the nation-state system to their colonies,
but it has not worked well in either Africa or the Middle East. On September
11 2001, we understood that failed states, like WMD, could represent a mortal

bequests indeed. colonialism was very good at cultivating a selected group of
subjects, totally acquiescent to colonialist interest, and on focusing
emphasis on promoting local religious an ethnic conflicts...hardly a recipe for
success after the colonialist was evicted e.g the sunni elites in the middle east;
the kurdish-arab conflicts in iraq; the hindu-muslim mutual rejectionists of
the this not currently taking place in occupied iraq? oh
which state was responsible for 9/11? and what wmd's? mr cooper has his head
hidden ...someplace that i do not dare guess.

_____On Europe's borders, a massive effort has been made to prevent Bosnia,
Kosovo and Macedonia from becoming failed states

i thought these are IN europe...but perhaps mr cooper will admit
kosove already a state? i did not know.....but then i do not know why i am
commenting about mr cooper...i certainly did not about the similar folks

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