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[casi] On Gallups.. again..

Dear List,

This is an article about a survey carried out in
eleven countries in Western Europe. The results should
not be surprising..


>From the Finnish Daily Helsingin Sanomat

Foreign - Monday 20.10.2003

Survey: Finns very critical of United States

According to a new survey, Finns are more critical
towards the United States than the residents of many
other European countries.

The survey, commissioned by CNN and Time magazine,
revealed that the majority of Finns believe that the
United States is only looking out for its own
interests in its policies.

The survey was carried out in eleven countries in
Western Europe. Of the Finnish respondents, 71 percent
believed that the U.S. only has its own interests in
mind. A mere five percent believe that the U.S. thinks
about what would be best for the rest of the world.

These answers differ clearly from the averages across
all countries. For example, on average, half of the
respondents in the survey believed the U.S. thinks
only of its own interests.

The French, Swiss, and Swedes came closest to the
views of the Finns. The U.S. receives the strongest
support from the British.

Europeans were also asked about their general view of
the United States, and how the policies of current
President George W. Bush have affected the security of
the world.

In these questions, the opinions of Finns did not
differ much from the European average, but were
slightly more critical.

Over 40 percent of the Finnish respondents said their
attitude towards the U.S. had become more negative
during the past twelve months, compared with an
average of 35 percent. In Finland, 58 percent
estimated that Bush's politics have made the world
more unsafe, with the average at 57 percent.

In surveys published in January and in May after the
fall of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Finns were shown to be
strong opponents of the Iraq war. Compared with the
May survey, Finns believe the world has become an even
more dangerous place.

According to Juhani Pehkonen from TNS-Gallup, which
conducted the survey in Finland, the answers of Finns
in the new survey did not differ much from previous
findings. "Perhaps the attitudes were more critical
than I would have expected", Pehkonen commented.

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