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[casi] On 1511

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With the passing of resolution 1511 the UN Security Council continues its
support for US aggression against the people of Iraq. Past UNSC resolutions have
imposed onerous peace terms and murderous economic warfare against Iraq.
Through the nineties and the right up to the invasion, the UN Security Council
denied Iraq a forum to protest the US and British bombing attacks and hostile
"no-fly-zone" overflights. Under UN sanctions Iraq was not even allowed to pay its
UN dues, and thereby denied a voice in the United Nations.

This is the same Security Council whose weapons inspection teams (paid for by
Iraq) were used for covert US operations against Iraq. The same UNSC that
validated the US claim that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction posed an
intolerable military threat to the world, while ignoring the openly stated intent of
the US to invade Iraq. The same Security Council that on May 23, 2003 with
resolution 1483, recognized the US occupation as the legitimate authority over
Iraq. This resolution ceded UN control of Iraq's oil to the well-armed thieves.
This move by the Security Council gave the US a powerful incentive to continue
to attack and plunder weaker nations. Appeasement and accommodation emboldens
the US crusaders and ensures the escalation of imperialist war.

In the midst of a deadly counterinsurgency war, the international body voted
unanimously to promote the expansion of ongoing US military operations against
the people of Iraq. US military commanders now enjoy UN Security Council
authorization to "take all necessary measures to contribute to the maintenance of
security and stability in Iraq..." (Article 13). For the past six months we
have seen US commanders "taking all necessary measures" cutting a wide and deep
swath of terror and blood through Iraq. This endorsement of the US oil war in
Iraq by the Security Council is a vivid testament to international
organization's moral and political bankruptcy.

The US and the UN Security Council fatally abuse the principle of Iraqi
national sovereignty with resolution 1511. In this scheme, Iraq is entrusted to the
foreign country currently violating its national sovereignty, the United
States. According to the resolution the US will determine when to grant Iraqis
their sovereign rights and end its occupation. This is an illusion. The US will
never of its own choosing end the occupation of Iraq.

Bob Allen

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