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Re: [casi] Right, again ..

Dear List,

There is a saying in Arabic that goes like that:
“The mountain went into labor, and gave birth to a

I remembered this when I read IPO’s post. The group
only comes out when it finds something that fits
within the outlines pre-drawn for it. Otherwise, they
are quiet in the face of mounting evidence that their
prognosis has been faulty, and their silence in the
face of the crimes committed against Iraqis is
criminal. This time the result was another mouse..

Take this last post for example. It is a clear show of
attempting to claim what is not true. Read what IPO
“..poll after poll proves our opinion is always that
of the vast majority of Iraqis”.

To prove this, IPO relies on the poll conducted by
Gallup in Baghdad. IPO states further: “We were right
about Iraqi support for the war. And now it looks like
we're right about Iraqis wanting the US not to abandon
them like they did in '91, since they believe that
will allow Saddam or the Ba'athists to claw their way

First of all the poll is called “The Baghdad Poll”,
and it only talks about Baghdadis, not all of Iraq. To
state that this is a representation of what “the vast
majority of Iraqis” want is misleading if not
dishonest. It is clearly a distortion of the Gallup

Secondly the Guardian article does not refer to the
fears of Baghdadis that “Saddam or the Ba'athists”
would “claw their way back” if the US withdraws. I
don’t know where IPO invented this and presented it as
representing the results of the Gallup poll.
I wonder what Gallup would say if these intentional
misquotations were brought into its attention, and it
is easy to find out.

The Guardian article ends with the following: “Gallup
started its operation in Baghdad because it felt
Baghdad would have the lowest security risks after the
war, but that hasn't turned out to be the case,
Burkholder said. Six in 10 Baghdad residents said that
within the past four weeks they had been afraid at
times to go outside their
homes during the day.”

That should be enough proof that Iraqis in Baghdad are
NOT happy with the situation. It also proves that the
rest of Iraq is NOT safe.. Shouldn’t IPO have also
told us that the vast majority (60%) of IRAQIS are
afraid to go out of their houses??

One thing I must say. IPO has people with excellent
imagination; but we are not interested in fiction on
this list. What interests us are facts, and we get
them directly from people in Iraq, not people whose
e-mail addresses and phone numbers are in London...


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