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Fw: [casi] After oil for food

Well well, there he is again, our fishy Mr. Darin.
And he's even more ignorant than I thought.

a) during january and february 2003, the Iraqi people have received their
rations for 2 times 3 months, so they were safe until june 2003, if I can
count correctly. And because of this government's decision, there has been
no humanitarian catastrophe.

b) with all medical records destroyed, the Ministry of Health plundered,
hospitals looted, all this with the active help of the occopying forces, it
is obvious that we'll never know if health conditions of the Iraqi children
and citizens are worse after the occupation or not. And it's hard indeed to
get correct figures out of Iraq these days, especially because the US
occupation administration gives us the information they want, so there are
only "good news" shows these days.

I wonder what the real health situation is nowadays in Iraq. And what will
become of the Iraqi population if Bremer decides to abolish the food basket?
I pity the Iraqi people.

Dirk Adriaensens.

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Dear Mr. Dread - Mark Parkinson,

> There is a reason that no one answered your question
> before.  That would be because the truth is too much
> for the vile C.A.S.I. filth to bear.
> Haven't you heard?  Reports started emerging as early
> as last March when the Brits reached Basra that there
> was no humanitarian catastrophe, and the reports
> continued to emerge through all of April.  In May of
> this year, after returning from Iraq, the President of
> the International Committee of the Red Cross, stated
> that there is no dramatic or serious humanitarian
> crisis in Iraq.
> This news must come as an absolute shock to you.  Lets
> just hope that your genetic predisposition to all
> things gloom and doom doesn't bestow upon you a sense
> of disappointment that 8,000 kids aren't falling over
> dead every month.
> The reason that you are so out of touch with reality
> is because your plugged into the C.A.S.I. septic tank.
>  That's right.  Look at C.A.S.I. as a large septic
 tank full of sewage with an I.V. line running out of
> it that plugs right into your vein.
> The more I think about it, that is quite a good
> analogy.
> C.A.S.I. - Doping people up on pure bullshit.
> --Darin
> > It's almost as if there is a news blackout on this.
> Why Mark Parkinson, haven't you heard?
> Mark Parkinson wrote:
I was surprised that this hadn't been picked up on this List. At the end of
August I asked the
"During the sanctions, a working figure of 5000 dead children a month was
used (or 8000 of all ages).
Does anyone have an idea of whether the number of deaths has increased (due
to the collapse of government etc) or decreased (due to the easing of
sanctions and the release of frozen Iraqi deposits)?
It seems to be even harder to get real info out of Iraq now."
Not surprisingly, the focus is on security and violent deaths but I'm
concerned about the deaths due
to the damage done to Iraq's infrastructure and the removal of its
government and institutions.
It's almost as if there is a news blackout on this.
Is Bremer's plan a sign that food supplies and distribution are getting much
better or is it purely
a doctrinal approach?

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