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[casi] Iraq slideshow available

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 In August and September the Committee to End the Occupation organized a
series of slide presentations that featuring 30 or so photos to address some of
the central issues of the war. We now have a digital version available with a
Powerpoint presentation on CD. The 200+ slides use news photos with accompanying
text to focus on the effects of the US invasion on the people of Iraq. It is
designed to challenge some of the ongoing war propaganda and misinformation
promoted by US politicians and media. When we give the presentation we narrate
the slides for about 40 minutes and then open the floor for contributions and

The CD can be viewed with a personal computer with Powerpoint. (The program
is included on Office 2000 and more recent Windows operating systems). Using
computer projection equipment the presentation can be shown to groups. (This
technology is increasingly available in schools and institutions) The digital
version is available for a contribution covering mailing expenses.

For more information:
Upcoming presentations of the Iraq Invaded slideshow and discussion

New York City
General Meeting of Not In Our Name
Thursday October 23 at 6:30 pm
Community Church of NY
40E. 35th St.  (between Madison & Park) get your tickets to the March on
Washington for Oct 25th

Community College of Philadelphia
Tuesday October 28, 11am - 12:30 pm. Bonnell Building auditorium, Community
College of Phila. - enter on 17th St. before Spring Garden. Take orange (Broad
St.) line to Broad and Spring Garden

Jersey City, New Jersey
Wednesday, Oct. 29, 7:00 p.m.
at the Old Bergen Church, 1 Highland Avenue,
sponsored by the Hudson County Coalition for Peace and Justice (HCCPJ)

And just when you thought the US could not conceivably do anything worse to
the people of Iraq here is a quote from The Guardian, Thursday October 9, 2003,

"... the occupation authority is making preparations to dismantle the food
distribution system which gave free rations of flour, rice, cooking oil and
other staples to every Iraqi.... Described by the UN as the world's most efficient
food network, the system still keeps Iraqis from going hungry. But the US
civilian administrator of Iraq, Paul Bremer, views it as a dangerous socialist
anachronism. The coalition provisional authority (CPA) is planning to abolish it
in January, despite warnings from its own technical experts that this could
lead to hunger and riots."  - Suzanne Goldenberg

In Solidarity
Bob Allen
Committee to End the Occupation

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