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Re: [casi] After oil for food

I was surprised that this hadn't been picked up on this List. At the
end of August I asked the following:

"During the sanctions, a working figure of 5000 dead children a month
was used (or 8000 of all ages).

Does anyone have an idea of whether the number of deaths has
increased (due to the collapse of government etc) or decreased (due
to the easing of sanctions and the release of frozen Iraqi deposits)?

It seems to be even harder to get real info out of Iraq now."

Not surprisingly, the focus is on security and violent deaths but I'm
concerned about the deaths due to the damage done to Iraq's
infrastructure and the removal of its government and institutions.
It's almost as if there is a news blackout on this.

Is Bremer's plan a sign that food supplies and distribution are
getting much better or is it purely a doctrinal approach?

On 13 Oct 2003 at 18:27, Andrew Goreing wrote:

> "A more substantial assault on Saddam's legacy is under way in the
> Republican Palace, where the occupation authority is making
> preparations to dismantle the food distribution system which gave free
> rations of flour, rice, cooking oil and other staples to every
> Iraqi.... Described by the UN as the world's most efficient food
> network, the system still keeps Iraqis from going hungry. But the US
> civilian administrator of Iraq, Paul Bremer, views it as a dangerous
> socialist anachronism. The coalition provisional authority (CPA) is
> planning to abolish it in January, despite warnings from its own
> technical experts that this could lead to hunger and riots."
> I haven't seen more detail on this. Can anyone please give us
> references for
> 1) Statements of intent from Bremer and the CPA
> 2) Warnings from thw CPA's own experts
> 3) Any further informed comments or predictions.

Mark Parkinson

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