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Re: [casi] On Ding Bat Idiots

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Your disruption techniques have gotten too much attention is time for you to move on...
It doesn't suprise me that you were traced to DC... Some people in America seem to become 
threatened by those who speak out on behalf of the Iraqi citizens.  Why else would you try so hard 
to disrupt the people here?....maybe you don't want people of all nations communicating over these 
issues.... Maybe you take it personal...or maybe it is your JOB to disrupt these groups.  Whatever 
your motive Darin, I don't think what you have done is working....

Maybe you should take up another hobby besides harrassement. We do have laws here against 
harrassement.....  Maybe you should channel these energies in a more productive way.

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  From: Beth Lairo
  Sent: Monday, October 13, 2003 3:48 PM
  Subject: Re: [casi] On Ding Bat Idiots

  I see that the C.A.S.I. serpents have been rearing their ugly heads this
  morning.  Like deathly ill snakes poking their heads out of the sand to
  vomit their venemous deceptions across the desert dunes.

  In fact, the scene reminds me, too, of when I last went fishing.  The
  night before, when I was out getting bait.  As the nightcrawlers surfaced
  to the top of the soil amidst the cool moist evening air, so too do the
  communist worms of C.A.S.I.

  In response to what marks one of the latest of an endless stream of lies
  that ooze from the putrid C.A.S.I. tribal clan, any idiot moron who thinks
  that I wrote that deserves to.  Secondly, whoever the moron was who did
  write it, and it was probably the throbbing pickled donkey anus, Roger
  Stroope, they spelled the last name wrong.

  C.A.S.I. - A sleazy membership of communist filth engaged in a game of
  lies and deception.

  I've been thinking.  Since the sanctions are no longer, Campaign Against
  Sanctions in Iraq doesn't really make any sense.  I have, however, come up
  with a name that perfectly describes the raw essence of C.A.S.I. while
  retaining the C.A.S.I. abbreviation:

  C.A.S.I. - Communist Anal Sludge Incubator

  Now, should the anti-capitalist C.A.S.I. vermen be allowed to roll out of
  their stinking rat holes every morning to peck away at a keyboard with
  their snot caked finger tips like vulchers pecking away at the decaying
  remains of a dead coyote?  Hell no.  No Intel, AMD, or Motorola for these
  useless chirping sleaze bag turkeys.

  The absolute mentally diseased filth that is the C.A.S.I. membership
  should high tail their sorry asses over to Moscow to pick up some
  typewriters from the Soviet era, so they can vomit their mental delusions
  back and forth to each other in true communist fashion.  That, of course,
  provides the additional benefit of the web being spared their verbal alien

  Speaking of alien slime, several weeks ago, I watched the capitalist movie
  called 'Alien'.  It was about the fifth time that I had seen it.  Great
  movie.  There was this scene where this spidery blobby alien thing jumps
  out of an egg and latches on to some guys face, with its tail coiling
  around the guys neck, whilst trying to implant some sort of alien seed
  down the guys throat.  It was pretty gross.

  When I think about it, the C.A.S.I. members are just like those spidery
  blobby alien things in that they seek out their young victims, latch on,
  and trying planting their vile alien seeds deep inside of them.


  > [ Presenting plain-text part of multi-format email ]
  > A discussion group on the net known as "Peevish Comments" had the
  > following
  > posts.
  > Prior to this he wrote his usual about some CASI members.  You have to
  > give
  > ol' Darin credit for being able to string complex sentences together.
  > Darin wrote:
  > I love CASI and all of its members. I'm a right-winger, hired by an
  > organization to "bully" members that do not accept my form of democracy. I
  > think CASI
  > is very right-wing posing as left-wing. God bless them and God bless these
  > here
  > fine United States!DarinPosted by <A
  > HREF="">Darin Zieldweger</A> at September 23,
  > 2003
  > 06:33 AM
  > Followed by:
  > We have collected and copied everything he sent and sent it all to the
  > police. They are tracking him down in Washington State, so don't worry. A
  > court
  > order is demanding release his information as we speak
  > :-)Posted by <A HREF="">
  > Jess</A> at October 11, 2003 12:03 PM
  > I did not want those of us at CASI to feel too special, apparently DARIN
  > does
  > this sort of thing for a living.  You have to love CAPITALISM.  Congrats
  > to
  > DARIN for having a job when so many in the US do not.
  > Roger Stroope
  > Northern Arizona University
  > Flagstaff USA
  > ~Just 10% of our military budget spent yearly on the United States could
  > give
  > every high school graduate a college education for four years.
  > ~The proposed $48 billion increase in military spending for next year
  > (2004)
  > is bigger than the total military budget of any other country on earth.
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  Sent via the discussion list of the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq.
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  All postings are archived on CASI's website:

Sent via the discussion list of the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq.
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