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[casi] After oil for food

Hi list

>From "Everywhere and nowhere, Saddam retains his grip on Baghdad's
imagination" , Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian, Thursday October 9, 2003

"A more substantial assault on Saddam's legacy is under way in the
Republican Palace, where the occupation authority is making preparations to
dismantle the food distribution system which gave free rations of flour,
rice, cooking oil and other staples to every Iraqi.... Described by the UN
as the world's most efficient food network, the system still keeps Iraqis
from going hungry. But the US civilian administrator of Iraq, Paul Bremer,
views it as a dangerous socialist anachronism. The coalition provisional
authority (CPA) is planning to abolish it in January, despite warnings from
its own technical experts that this could lead to hunger and riots."

I haven't seen more detail on this. Can anyone please give us references for

1) Statements of intent from Bremer and the CPA

2) Warnings from thw CPA's own experts

3) Any further informed comments or predictions.

Apologies to Nathaniel or anyone who has posted relevant stuff that I've


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