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[casi] Is Israel a Democracy or a Terrorcracy?

(by Khalid Amayreh)

Is Israel a democracy or a ‘terror’ocracy?

 One of the most enduring myths about Israel is the often-
made claim that it is a democracy. The big lie is marketed
effectively in many Western countries where Zionist-
controlled or Zionist-influenced media has a definite
stranglehold on public opinion. Consequently,
the “veracity” of the myth is taken for granted by many
politicians, journalists, intellectuals and ordinary
people, and is used as a ready-made weapon against Israel’s

 The truth of the matter, however, is that Israel is not a
real democracy but rather a nefarious ethno-centric
terrorocracy  that heavily employs State-terror as official

 This terror, with all its evil manifestations, is
sanctioned by the law of the land and defended doggedly by
a potent propaganda machine comprising hundreds of news
outlets from Sidney to California.

 For skeptics who might still be induced to give
Israeli “democracy” the benefit of the doubt, let us
consider the following facts.

 Israeli leaders from Ben-Gurion to Ariel Sharon committed
incalculable crimes against innocent civilians. Some of
these crimes assumed genocidal dimensions, such as the Deir
Yassin, Tantura, Jenin and Sabra and Shatilla massacres.

 The First Israeli Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion,
directed and presided over the utter destruction and
obliteration of as many as 500 Palestinian towns and
villages. The remains and relics of some of these towns and
villages are documented in Walid Khalidi’s masterpiece, All
That Remains.

 That was ethnic cleansing on a very large scale, a crime
against humanity by every conceivable standard. Needless to
say, the Israeli State committed this genocidal crime
willfully for the purpose of effecting Zionism and building
a purely racist Jewish State with as few non-Jews as

 Another Prime Minister, the infamous Menachem Begin,
praised the Deir Yassin massacre, calling it a “miracle.”

 Another Israeli Premier, Yitzhak Shamir, masterminded the
killing of hundreds of Palestinian and British civilians.
His responsibility for the bombing of the King David Hotel
in Jerusalem prompted the British government to place him
on its most wanted list.

 ven Yitzhak Rabin, the celebrated “peace maker” and Nobel
Prize laureate, had carried out several atrocities against
Palestinian civilians in Lud and Ramleh. And while acting
as Defense Minister during the first Palestinian uprising
against Jewish colonialism, he ordered his soldiers to
break Palestinian youngsters’ bones.

 When Rabin’s ideological son, Ehud Barak, sought to
convince Israeli Jews to elect him as Prime Minister, he
had to remind them of the most graphic details of how he
murdered three Palestinian leaders in Beirut in the late
1970s. The grisly reminder worked effectively, and the
decorated terrorist became Prime Minister.

 Then came the arch-terrorist of them all, Herr Ariel
Sharon, Der Fuhrer, a certified war criminal, whom the
ignoramus of the White House so unscrupulously called “a
man of peace,” is responsible for shedding more innocent
blood than any other Israeli leader. Here are some of
Sharon’s known infamies: The wicked former general
slaughtered scores of innocent peasants at the village of
Kfar Kassem in the mid-1950s. In 1956, he slaughtered
hundreds of Egyptian prisoners of war by ordering them
crushed under the treads of Israeli tanks in the Sinai
Peninsula in 1956.  And in 1982, during the Israeli
invasion of Lebanon, Sharon oversaw the mass slaughter of
some 2,000 unsuspecting boys, women and children.

 Sharon never really regretted the killing, and his
atrocities eventually earned him the glorious title
of “Malich Yisrael” or “King of Israel.” Far from trying
and punishing him for his diabolical crimes, the Israeli
citizens actually elected him twice as Prime Minister, with
a landslide majority.

 For the past 30 months, Sharon has been carrying out one
of the ugliest reigns of terror in the history of humanity,
prompting the former Israeli minister of education,
Shulamit Aloni, to remark that “we have become a barbarian

 Sharon’s crimes against the unprotected and largely
unarmed Palestinians transcend reality and defy human

 Sharon has presided over the killing and maiming of tens
of thousands of civilians, the destruction of thousands of
homes, orchards, farms, fields, and civilian
infrastructure, forcing many conscientious Jews and non-
Jews to draw comparisons between the Nazi holocaust against
the Jews and the Israeli war of liquidation against the

 Oona King, a British Jewish MP and a member of the Jewish
Council for Racial Equality, remarked that “Gaza is the
same in nature as the Warsaw Ghetto.” She added that “as a
Jew, I had hoped I would never live to see the day I was
ashamed of the actions of the Jewish State.”

 She was referring to pregnant Palestinian women shot dead
or forced to give birth at Israeli roadblocks, having been
barred access to nearby hospitals by Zionism’s heroic

 She was alluding to hundreds of Palestinian towns,
villages, hamlets and refugee camps reduced by the Israeli
army to huge, open-air concentration camps, only lacking
the gas chambers.

 She was talking about the attempted systematic elimination
of a people whose only crime is their enduring desire for
freedom from a satanic military occupation unparalleled in
the human history.

 Does a democracy allow soldiers to shoot and kill pregnant
women on their way to hospital for no other reason than the
fact the poor women adhere to the “wrong” religion and
belong to the “wrong” tribe?

 Does a democracy instruct soldiers to plant landmines in
the vicinity of schools in order to kill and maim as
many “children of a lesser God” as possible?

 Does a democracy dispatch warplanes to rain death on
apartment buildings and crowded streets and neighbourhoods
under the pretext of fighting terror?

Does a democracy murder suspects and opponents without
charge or trial?

Does a democracy practice collective punishment, including
hermetic, suffocating and open-ended, against their
citizens and subjects?

 Indeed, does a democracy practice apartheid in its ugliest
forms against a sector of its citizens because they happen
to belong to the “wrong race?”

 Is occupying, tormenting, enslaving and dispossessing
another people compatible with democracy?

 Can a racist apartheid State be a true democracy? If the
answer to these questions is in the affirmative, then
Israel is a democracy. If not, we must not hesitate to call
the spade a spade.

 In short, Israel is a ‘terror’ocracy, not a democracy.

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