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[casi] Who Forged the Letters that Sucked Us into War?

Dear List,

This may be a bit old, but very relevant...


Who Forged the Letters that Sucked Us into War?
Israel, Yellowcake and the Media

Can you name a country in the Middle East suspected of
developing nuclear weapons, refusing to open itself to
international inspection, and one that probably
possesses chemical and biological weapons of mass

Iraq, perhaps, Iran, maybe, but most definitely
Israel. Indeed, while its official spokespersons still
deny it, Israel is thought to possess as many as 240
nuclear weapons along with awesome biological weapons.

During Bush's successful ejaculatory tweaking of
American war hysteria over Iraq which aroused 73% of
the American electorate to ignore world opinion, flout
the UN, and support going off to war, not a single
levelheaded American journalist seemed at all
interested in this obvious oversight. It was as if
Iraq's development of weapons of mass destruction had
nothing to do with Israel's arsenal. Gosh, what an

The left incriminated that the reason the Bush
couldn't stop salivating over the prospect of invading
Iraq was for its oil: ah yes, greedy Republicans,
Texas oil magnates, Halliburton, insider wheeling and
dealing. Sounds good, but was there anyone opining
that the real reason we invaded Iraq was to keep
Israel as the sole nuclear power in the Middle East?
The discussion never moved in that direction. And it
did not move there probably because the issue was
never put on the table. George Will was too busy
quarrying into somber ethical issues like whether
"French" fries and kisses should be rethought, and
Dianne Sawyer couldn't tear her investigative self
away from the Dixie Chicks long enough to even think
about it.

Now I know how paranoid 'media conspiracy'
sounds---but isn't it curious how in all the words
that flowed off those deeply embedded lips of Ted
Koppel, he never mentioned Israel's nuclear weapons or
its biological capabilities in all the time he was
dressed up like a soldier? Isn't that taking
don't-ask-don't-tell to a new level entirely?

Today with Niger's yellowcake and David Kelley's
death, the media are all flummoxed about what Bush
knew or didn't and whether Blair used 'sexed up'
intelligence. "Did the Bush or Blair administration
lead their countries into war using faulty
intelligence?" That is how the media from CNN to
Michael Eisner's executive producers are trying to
reframe and define the issue for us. Hmmm! Is that
really the issue Michael?

Hold on! Hans Blix, even before we went to war, said
those Iraqi letters seeking to buy yellowcake uranium
were false. They were more than false, he said; they
were forgeries! Those letters which made it into the
State of the Union message to stir up American
testosterone and gather up enough mojo for us to
launch our first Tomahawk. . . they were forgeries!

The tainted letters surfaced in Italy. They used the
Iranian word 'hemisphere' instead of the proper Iraqi
word "dome," and Blix said the documents were not
written by an Iraqi at all.

Now fantasize for a moment the world learned that it
was Iran that was behind the forged letters. What was
their gain? To bring the US war machine right to their
own borders? Not a very interesting theory.

What would it mean if Israel's Mossad forged them?
Well, it would show that Israel falsely dragged
Britain and the U.S. into invading its major adversary
and with yellowcake all over its face, relations with
that country just might be in for some serious review.

What if the CIA falsified the documents? Well, if
George knew they were forgeries and presented such
mendacity to the American public as the basis for
invading a foreign country, charges of treason and
impeachment would be nipping at his coattails.
Similarly if the forgery came from Tony Blair's camp,
whilst beseeching his citizenry to go off to war,
another government collapse and charge of treason
would likely be the outcome.

It is not a question of using faulty intelligence, but
of using forgeries to lead a country off to war, no
small issue by any means, but the biggest curiosity of
our time is that the source of the forgery is not of
interest to any of the mainstream media. It is not the
focus of 60 Minutes or 60 Minutes II. Barbara Walters
is too interested in how tall Senator John Kerry is.
Stone Philips has too many serial killers deal with,
and Dan Rather is thinking too much these days of Laci
Peterson. No one is interested!

Now I don't favor the thought that our corporate media
giants collectively conspire to keep things under
wraps. I can't help but observe that tonight Ted
Koppel will suit up as master of ceremonies of that
pseudo-intellectual circus he hosts where one guest
shouts down his opponent yelling and screaming high
decibel epithets---kind of like a Jerry Springer show
for the slightly scholarly---and whatever tonight's
topic, we can be quite sure it will not deal with
America's increasingly long list of taboo subjects:

Does Israel have hydrogen bombs? Did the U.S. ever
secretly test Israeli nuclear weapons on American
soil? And, of course, the most recent question to add
to the list:

Who forged the letters that sucked us into this war?

Jerry Kroth, an Associate Professor of
Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University. Kroth
is the author of one of the most popular recent
stories on the CounterPunch site: Symbol and
Synchronicity in the Crash of the Space Shuttle
Columbia. He can be reached at:

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