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[casi] CIA Scandal: Justice Department granted White House delay inorder to preserve records - NPR deletes Totenberg report from transcript

News Flash

On October 2nd, Nina Totenberg reported on Morning Edition that the Justice
Department granted a White House request to delay a directive to preserve
its records as part of the CIA exposure scandal.  Then, NPR deletes her
report from its transcript of the show.

Hear the audio of her report, and see the sanitized transcript.

Why did the Justice Department delay its directive to not destroy phone and
email records? Does this action support call for independent investigation?
Why did NPR delete what was clearly the most interesting (as well as the
most damaging) part of Nina Totenberg's interview on Morning Edition?

Thanks to Robert E. Reynolds for transcribing the lost segment.  Thanks to for posting Reynolds' work. Traprock discovered the NPR
deletion when it followed Reynolds' advice to purchase the transcript of the
show, only to find that Totenberg's report on the cooperation between the
White House and the Justice Department had been deleted from the transcript.

Luckily, NPR had neglected to delete the report from the audio.  You can
hear the audio of the missing report at Traprock's site -


Also at

**Updates to national 'depleted' uranium tour.  After the Oct 2nd stop in
Bloomington, IN, the next stop is Oct 4 in Rapid City, SD. See the evolving
itinerary and watch for Texas dates posted within a few days. Austin and
Houston have confirmed with Dallas coming along. The tour continues to
Washington state, Oregon, and California, with dates confirming in Missouri,
Texas and New Mexico and back to Indiana.

**Scott Ritter is coming on October 7 - watch for the audio of his
presentation with Randy Kehler and Juanita Nelson.

**The Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) - - has
published the schedule of its national tour. CAN and Traprock are working
together in bringing Doug Rokke to Austin as part of the DU Tour.

****Glen Rangwala has updated his definitive analysis of Iraq's proscribed
weapons with references for further reading on many specific issues.

**See also links to British reaction to the failure to find WMD's in Iraq.

Coming soon:  audio resources and photo journals (Scott Ritter;
presentations and interviews at the World Uranium Weapons Conference in
Hamburg, Germany; interviews in Europe with leading activists and
authorities concerning Iraq and human rights.  Plus, continual updates and
reports on the US 'depleted' uranium tour and reports from the CAN national
conference in Chicago, November 1-2.

Charles Jenks, attorney at law
President of the Core Group
Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342
413-773-1633; Fax 413-773-7507

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