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Re: [casi] IPO News Analysis: September 15, 2003+ Analysis?!

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I think it is critical for the Iraqi people to be able to make their own
choices, wait, I already said that didn't I.  I think it is necessary, as Peter so
eloquently pointed out, that the government be legitimate, or, as I and Peter
pointed out in the lack of legitimacy, war war war.  So, I think it is
obvious that the Iraqi people need sovereignty as soon as humanly possible.  This
will of course not happen while the rulers of the US are busy handing out
contracts, no-bid, to their closest campaign contributors and or the companies they
personally ran/run/will runwhentheygetoutofoffice.

I am sorry, but I already said that too, didn't I?

Specifically, I think the Iraqi people need to make their own choices(4th).
To arrive at this the US would have to pull out of the fray, corporations and
all, and allow a third party, UN, to introduce reform to the corrupt ruling
structure which at this time is little more than a figurehead to legitimate the
US occupation and the selling off of Iraqi interests, including obviously the
oil, all the while driving the country into major debt (IMFWB), wait, I
already said all of this too!

So, third party, legitimate government.

And alas, the killing will continue for a period of time, wait, Peter already
said this too.

 Sadly, under the bad guy SH, yes I said bad guy, probably not strong enough
but I don't think my spell check will handle what I really think of the
murderer, the Iraqi's had a hard life, of course compounded by the US/un sanctions
of the 90s and the support of SH by the US during the 80s.  What most of us
lobbied for was the reopening of trade and investment so that the once strong
Iraqi people could take control in a time of their choosing.  Sanctions ended any
hope of that happening, but it did prepare the country for an invasion by the
US/uk, and some say they don't plan ahead!

The sad truth is, Yasser, that there are probably no good solutions right
now, but it would be best if the Iraqi people were not treated as have all the
other people of the planet(nonwhites) by the US/uk and simply used as a punch
line.  There are people on this side of the ocean who are becoming even richer
than they were on the suffering backs of the Iraqi people.

Yasser, you should really read more.  I can think of several emails where
Peter has discussed the situation, and whether explicitly or implicitly had
lesser of evils sorts of suggestions, I can even remember a couple that I have
written that had "solutions" either explicitly or implicitly.

But you run along now, find some more of that IPO "piece" and throw it back
on the wall and see if it sticks, who knows, perhaps some on the list are so
intellectually exhausted by Murdoch that they will scoop it up and ingest, not

By the way, I believe that I have said this before, shame on you for
justifying the slaughter of tens of thousands of people to satisfy your hatred of SH.
It could have been different, should have been different, shame on you.

Please, if your not sharp enough to understand what has been posted to this
list by a myriad of people that directly relates to this topic, I would just as
soon go back to writing my elected officials, oh wait, they ignore everything
which does not support their ideology too.

Nevermind, write away , write away.

Apologies to Colin and Elga for my sarcasm and innuendo.

Roger Stroope
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff USA

~Just 10% of our military budget spent yearly on the United States could give
every high school graduate a college education for four years.

~The proposed $48 billion increase in military spending for next year (2004)
is bigger than the total military budget of any other country on earth.

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