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[casi] The American Jewish Committee at the UN

* Who is lobbying for Iraq? For the Other States?

From: "American Jewish Committee" <>
Subject: Meeting World Leaders at UN Opening
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 10:53:03 -0400

Contact: Kenneth Bandler 212-891-6771

American Jewish Committee to Meet Dozens of Foreign Leaders at UN Opening NGO's 10th Annual 
"Diplomatic Marathon" NEW YORK, September 19, 2003..

The American Jewish Committee will meet with leaders of more than 50 nations in coming weeks as 
they attend the opening of the 58th United Nations General Assembly. The meetings, which begin on 
September 22, mark the highpoint in the year-round diplomatic activities of AJC, the premier Jewish 
engaged in international affairs. The committee's 10th annual outreach campaign during the UN 
opening represents a level of international relations unparalleled among non-governmental 
organizations. This diplomatic activity is the strongest indication of how foreign governments view 
AJC. "To have leaders from every continent gathered in one city presents an invaluable opportunity 
to voice our global concerns as
Americans and as Jews," said David A. Harris, AJC's executive director.

"These meetings are also a unique chance to learn, face-to-face, what is on the minds of world 
leaders. It is a two-way street." Chief among AJC's concerns are support for Israel's quest for 
peace, the global war against terrorism, the resurgence of anti-Semitism, the swelling of 
sentiment, and the treatment of Israel at the UN. "Obsessively and unfairly singling out one 
member-state, Israel, undermines the integrity of the United Nations," said Harris. AJC officials 
will present leaders with its latest report, One-Sided: The Relentless Campaign Against Israel in 
the United Nations. The report provides analysis and detailed voting
records on the Middle East from last year's General Assembly session.

Founded in 1906, the American Jewish Committee has a long record of involvement with the United 
Nations. Headquartered in New York, AJC has offices in Berlin, Geneva, Jerusalem and Warsaw. An 
office in Brussels is scheduled to open in February. # #  #

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