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Re: [casi] IPO News Analysis: September 15, 2003= ANALYSIS???

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In a message dated 9/22/03 12:13:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

>  $87 billion from Congress, with over $20 billion set to be spent on
> rebuilding Iraq.

Yes, the Grande old US of A, willing to spend countless billions to blow up
Iraq, willing to spend billions littering Iraq with unexploded ordinance,
Depleted Uranium, vile graffiti, raping of Iraq's women and slaughtering of Iraq's
men and children, vandalization of Iraq's airport, killing of Iraq's Zoo
animals, wholesale attack against Iraq's proud culture and ancient history coupled
with a patronizing approach to the individuals who would govern Iraq, "not yet
not yet, your not ready, we must show you how to run a country."  The
privatization of Iraq's health care, oil industry, and of course Iraq's educational
system because we must create a climate where the rich can get richer and the
poor removed from the process, well, of course Iraq will need someone to work
at McDonalds and if the Iraqi is too educated he/she might protest.  And  of
course deficit spending.  I think not Bartelby.

Oh, and the 20 billion that George W. Bush is so generously contributing,
well, the US taxpayer is contributing, will of course be funneled directly to
Kellogg Brown and Root or Bechtel or a couple of other corporations which don't
hire Iraqi's because, well, their not "right" for the job.  Say hello to
massive unemployment because that will of course keep wages LOW LOW LOW in Iraq for
when Burger King and Wal Mart need 'workers' ie. people who work multiple jobs
never seeing their loved ones because the water is also privatized and you
gotta pay the bills.  And the unemployment will of course lead to wholesale
dissatisfaction with the situation which will lead to civil unrest, which will
keep the violence brewing which will give the Grande Ol' US of A the excuse to
keep a military dictatorship in power at least until the 'poor poor uncivilized
Iraqi' (more sarcasm) can learn how to live peacefully with their neighbors,
probably lots of them from just west of Iraq.  Oh yes, thank Jehovah that the
US of A has come to liberate and recreate Iraq, apparently Jehovah told Bush to
come and fix stuff for Iraq.  I am sure many followers of Jehovah are just
giddy with the prospect of another market for their goods.

Welcome to Wonder Land.  Your not in Iraq anymore.

Please Yasser, keep this stuff coming, I am getting bored with Fox News, Fair
and Balanced reporting, and need this IPO stuff, it is really really good!!

Did IQ's just drop forty points while I was sleeping?

Roger Stroope
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff USA

~Just 10% of our military budget spent yearly on the United States could give
every high school graduate a college education for four years.

~The proposed $48 billion increase in military spending for next year (2004)
is bigger than the total military budget of any other country on earth.

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