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[casi] IPO Iraq News Analysis: September 22, 2003

News Analysis
September 22, 2003

Frustrated by the seemingly smooth progress of political development,
elements - most likely to be linked to Saddam's secret services - aim to
carry the chaos they have inflicted on Iraq's security situation to the
political arena by the attempted assassination of one of the Governing
Council members, Akila al-Hashimi.

This week the focus has been on Iraq's economic recovery and development:
- The Governing Council-appointed Finance Minister, Kamel al-Kilani, begins
work by breaking the state-monopoly imposed by Saddam's Ba'ath Party which
had, through years of tyranny, wars and sanctions, devastated Iraq's
economy. The economic reforms will privatise all sectors of the economy,
except natural resources, aiming to accelerate Iraq's future economic
- As the World Bank has pointed out, these reforms must be coupled with the
development of an efficiently functioning welfare system that can
comprehensively provide basic services if the negative effects of
privatisation are to be avoided.
- Bush announces that there is no connection between Saddam Hussein and the
September 11th attacks. This protects Iraq from any compensation claims that
may have been brought up in the future.

Bush is set to address the UN on Tuesday and ask for help in Iraq as the US
asks 3 nations, including Turkey, to aid in peacekeeping. This indicates
that an agreement may have already been reached after the British, French
and German leaders met, despite their inability to hide their differences.
However, Turkish troops need to be excluded from Iraq's north, where there
are major sensitivities between Iraq's Kurds and Turkey, if friction between
locals is to be avoided.

News Analysis brought to you by the Iraqi Prospect Organisation.
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