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Re: [casi] US attacked over green card soldiers

Dear Hassan & list,


1) Al Jazeera English Edition's Disappointing Launch
2) List of Ministers of the new Government in Iraq (in Arabic)



September 01, 2003
Al Jazeera English Edition's Disappointing Launch
After a temporary appearance during the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq that
was marred by several hacking attacks, Qatar-based Al Jazeera's long-awaited
English website made its official full launch today.

The appearance of a well-backed, professionally produced and managed online
news source in English that reflects Arab perspectives is much welcomed, and
we at MWU! certainly have high hopes for the venture.

The English site promises to "provide every visitor with 'the news they don’
t see', daringly and boldly as Aljazeera always does."

However, the site's official debut is disappointing.

For one, the vast majority of the articles are recycled wire stories that
are available at myriad other English-language news sites.

The lead original piece, a story by James Gooder about the large number of
"green card soldiers" serving in the US military occupation force in Iraq,
also leaves much to be desired. Gooder leads off the article this way: "Many
of the troops on duty in Iraq do not count English as their first language
and would prefer to take orders in their native tongue ... usually Spanish."

That may very well be true, but Gooder never once substantiates the specific
claims about the soldiers' English proficiency or their language preference
for taking orders, not even with one quote from a soldier or family member.

Instead, most of the article is spent quoting from an "exclusive" interview
with British MP and war critic George Galloway about his views on American
troops and the exploitation of African American and Latino soldiers.

Gooder takes what could have been an interesting article about the reported
40,000 or so non-citizen soldiers in the US force into what sounds like a
propaganda piece.

Why couldn't he, for example, have quoted one of the members of the
Congressional Hispanic Caucus or Congressional Black Caucus, many of whom
have been especially critical about the disproportionate percentage of
soldiers of color serving in dangerous assignments.

Al Jazeera's Arabic reporting has made it one of the finest news
organizations in the world. It deserves nothing less than a first-class
English service.

We hope that the rocky beginning is not indicative of what's to come.



List of Ministers of the new Government in Iraq

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 مجلس الحكم

 قرار رقم (28) صادر عن مجلس الحكم

 قرر مجلس الحكم بجلسته المنعقدة بتاريخ الرابع من شهر 
رجب لسنة 1424 هجرية
 الموافق لليوم الحادي والثلاثين من شهر آب 2003 ميلادية 
تعيين السادة المدرجة
 اسماؤهم ادناه في المناصب الوزارية المؤشرة ازاء كل 

 1-   وزارة الاتصالات – الدكتور حيدر العبادي

 2-    وزارة الاشغال العامة – السيدة نسرين مصطفى صديق 

 3-   وزارة الاعمار والاسكان – السيد بيان باقر صولاغ

 4-    وزارة البيئة – المهندس عبد الرحمن صديق كريم

 5-   وزارة التجارة – الدكتور علي علاوي

 6-    وزارة التخطيط – الدكتور مهدي الحافظ

 7-    وزارة التربية – الدكتور علاء عبد الصاحب العلوان

 8-    وزارة التعليم العالي – الدكتور زياد عبد الرزاق 
محمد اسود

 9-    وزارة الثقافة – السيد مفيد محمد جواد الجزائري

 10-                     وزارة حقوق الانسان – الدكتور عبد الباسط 

 11-                     وزارة الخارجية – السيد هشيار محمود محمد 

 12-                     وزارة الداخلية – السيد نوري بدران

 13-                     وزارة الزراعة – عبد الامير عبود رحيمة

 14-                     وزارة الشباب والرياضة – السيد علي فائق 

 15-                     وزارة الصحة – الدكتور خضير عباس

 16-                     وزارة الصناعة والمعادن – المهندس محمد 
توفيق رحيم

 17-                     وزارة العدل – السيد هشام عبد الرحمن 

 18-                     وزارة العدل والتكنولوجيا – السيد رشاد 
مندان عمر

 19-                     وزارة العمل والشؤون الاجتماعية – السيد 
سامي عزارة

 20-                     وزارة الكهرباء – الدكتور ايهم السامرائي

 21-                     وزارة المالية – السيد كامل مبدر الكيلاني

 22-                     وزارة المهجرين والمهاجرين – السيد محمد 
جاسم خضير

 23-                     وزارة الموارد المائية – الدكتور لطيف 

 24-                     وزارة النفط – الدكتور ابراهيم محمد بحر 

 25-                     وزارة النقل – السيد بهنام زيا بولص

 كتب في بغداد في يوم الرابع من شهر رجب 1424 لليوم الحادي 
والثلاثين من شهر آب

 الدكتور ابراهيم الاشيقر (الجعفري)

  رئيس مجلس الحكم

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Sent: Monday, September 01, 2003 11:17 AM
Subject: [casi] US attacked over green card soldiers


The English site of Al-Jazeera is operating again as
of today. The folowing article ís from that site:

The importance of the article is that it could explain
the discrepencies in the figures given for the
soldiers killed or wounded. Iraqis have claimed since
March that hundreds of US/UK soldiers were killed
during the fighting especially during the airport
battle, before the US used Napalm-type weapons. It
seems the US only speaks of "American soldiers" being
killed or wounded, and this could explain why the
figures are so low..


US attacked over green card soldiers

By James Gooder

Monday 01 September 2003, 0:45 Makka Time, 21:45 GMT

Nearly 40,000 of America's frontline soldiers are not
US citizens.

Many of the troops on duty in Iraq do not count
English as their first language and would prefer to
take orders in their native tongue ... usually

The revelation has prompted British MP George
Galloway, one of the fiercest critics of the invasion
of Iraq, to accuse the US of using its "green card"
troops as cannon fodder.

Galloway went on to attack the US policy of putting
its poor minorities and non-citizens in the frontline
of its foreign wars.

In an exclusive interview he told that
it was part of a long US tradition of using its
underclass as cannon fodder.

The statistics, buried by White House spin doctors,
reveal that a significant minority of troops fighting
under the US banner are not in fact US citizens but
residents hoping to speed up their citizenship.

Galloway said that this was typical of a government
used to having the marginalised fight its battles.

"Nothing has changed since that last failed attempt to
invade and determine the future of another country,
Vietnam," he told from his holiday villa
in Portugal.

"The proportion of blacks in the army was 40%, while
in the US population the number of blacks was a
quarter of that," he said

"Of course the underclass has now become increasingly
more Hispanic than black."

Disproportionate casualties

This explains why a disproportionate number of the
so-called US casualties in the invasion and occupation
of Iraq have borne Latino names.'

Galloway says that on a weekly Atlanta radio show in
which he participates, the callers have repeatedly
claimed that Blacks and Hispanics are the fodder army
recruiters are after.

The Pentagon says that there are 37,401 non-US
citizens on active duty, and that joining up has a
special incentive for them - an American passport.

"The military services have processes and programmes
in place to help service members expedite their
citizenship," says a US Department of Defence

"The estimated time for the application is about six

Citizenship has been especially hard to come by due to
the draconian immigration rules imposed by the US
Department of Homeland Security since the 11 September
2001 attacks.

It can take several years to gain citizenship, for
those lucky enough to get it. Signing up to the army
can speed this up, provided the GI comes home alive.


Other incentives under the Montgomery GI Bill include
the promises of a college fund of up to $50,000, post
service employment and training.

But activist Carlos Mendes of the Latinos Against the
War in Iraq coalition says that many soldiers have
told him that these promises often fail to

The US military relies on volunteers, the Pentagon
argues, and there is no official draft, therefore no
pressure on anyone to sign up.

Yet in a country where further education is
prohibitively expensive, and medical care privatised,
these incentives deliberately target America's poor
minorities, as well as those desperate for
citizenship, freeing the sons and daughters of those
with money and influence from service.

"The people who made the decisions never sent their
sons to get hot, bloody and dirty on the battlefield,"
he said.

Even when there was a draft, the decision-makers
stayed out of trouble. "The white sons of the rulers
of America, including a certain George W Bush, have
always found ways around the draft, in his case
through his bogus service in the air auxiliary, while
Dick Cheney took one course after another at
university," he said.

Outspoken critic

Galloway, the Glasgow Kelvin MP who has consistently
criticised US and British policy on Iraq, famously
called Bush and Blair "wolves" over their war-like
rhetoric leading up to the invasion.

He opposed UN sanctions imposed after the last Gulf
War complaining that they inflicted huge suffering on
ordinary Iraqis.

Mr Galloway has visited Iraq on numerous occasions and
met the country's former president and major figures
in the Baathist government.

But he was also a vigorous campaigner during the
Thatcher years, picketing the Iraqi embassy in London,
when the Conservative government supplied arms to
Saddam Hussein.


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