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[casi] James Rubin on C4 News

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James Rubin, former assistant Secretary of State under President
Clinton, who supported the war against Iraq, said tonight on Channel 4
News that the intelligence given to the Clinton administration and the
present one, were flawed. He said that he had seen the reports
pronouncing the existence of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction for
years, and that governments had believed this reports. Mr Rubin
concluded that these reports were fundamentally flawed and that proper
investigations were needed on why the intelligence submitted was wrong.
He hinted that intelligence had relied heavily on defectors from Iraq.

He also said that the Whitehouse got the gameplan regarding the invasion
wrong, in that they assumed that the USA would be welcomed
unquestioningly by the Iraqis, who would not resist the US army. The
Whitehouse believed prior to the invasion that the Iraq machinery of
government could be taken over under a new leadership.

It seems that the usually united front of the US ruling class regarding
military action, is being split by a huge crack, between the Republicans
and the Democrats. Leading figures in the Democratic Party are
definitely anti the occupation of Iraq.

The longer the occupation fails to mend Iraq, the worse the crisis for
the US regime and the harder it will be to save their bacon. If it's
worth saving.

>From watching TV reports, which are obviously severely edited, it
appears that the British military are using their experiences in Ulster
to help the US occupation of Iraq.

I saw today, a very brief shot of several soldiers, pointing rifles at
three small children, who were at a house that was being raided. The
children looked terrified.

Shots like these are not often visible. It points to another reality in
Iraq, one that is quite different from that being painted by the

The USA toppled Humpty Dumpty(the state of Iraq), using their superior
military might. Putting Humpty together again is begining to look well
nigh impossible.

When the war was still in full swing, Mr Blair, PM, MP said that war was
necessary to deal with the humanitarian situation in Iraq. Subsequently
I heard Oona King, MP and others say rejoice that a dictator had gone
and that Iraqi lives were being saved from Saddam's slaughter.

It has been noted that the Department of International Development under
the very regal Baroness Amos, has been remarkably publicity shy
regarding both the humanitarian situation in Iraq at present and  what
is happening about relief.

Lila Patel

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