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Re: [casi] Strange E-Mails (and how to sort out damaged e-mail systems)

It have come to my attention that some users were
affected by these e-mails, and now have so many that
they cannot get into their e-mail systems.

This is fairly easily solved.

Please click in the following link:

to download a program that can sort it out.
Unzip this and run setup.exe

Now, get hold of your email server name, user name and
password from your email program.
In Outlook Express, you do this by going to Tools ->
Accounts -> Mail and selecting your mail account.
Then click on "properties" and then "servers".
Write down what it says after "Incoming Mail (POP3):"
Also write down the user name you are using (on the
same page)

Now run email remover and put in the settings it
wants. Where it wants your "User ID" put in your user
name. Where it wants your password put in your
password. Where it wants your server put in your
Incoming Mail (POP3) server.
Then just follow the instructions and delete the

He's starting another attack, btw, so you should
defend your systems by applying an e-mail filter which
forwards all his messages to and
deletes them from the server.

This is normally pretty simple.
In Outlook Express, click on Tools -> Message Rules ->
A new window will open. Now select "Where the From
line contains people", "Delete it" and "Forward it to
In the bottom of the window, you will see that
"contains people" is highlighted. Click on this and
put in:

Now click on ok and then on the second highlighted bit
- "people" on it's own.
Now put it:

If you didn't manage that filitering thing don't worry
- as long as a reasonable number of us do it his ISP
will get the idea.

Alun Harford

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