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Re: [casi] Strange E-Mails

Dear List,

I found 30 messages from C.A.S.I in my inbox. I agree
with Alun that they are from Darin Zeilweger, who had
also sent a message under his name.

My guess is that Darin Zeilweger is a fictitious
character, because a Google search will reveal that
the only reference ever to him are from CASIís pages.

It is amazing that someone with such superior
"intellect" like "zeppelin" wanted to present himself
has never posted anywhere else or published anything.
He comes out as an "educator" who wants to "Appeal To
Your Sense Of Reason, Or What Is Left Of It Anyways"
((notice the extra s at the end of anyway!!)), yet has
not published before.. Sounds strange!

I think this "zeppelin" is a member of a group which
set out to attack computers and sites of organizations
and people who opposed the illegal war. Their first
act was to bring down the English site of Al Jazeera,
and some Islamic sites too. Even though one person was
caught and he admitted to having carried out the
attack on Al Jazeeraís site, experts have doubted
that, stating that it was a much larger operation that
must have had an "organization" behind it with
resources. Whatever the case, it proves that just like
Al Jazeera, CASI has annoyed some people in some
"organization" in the US and made them send "zeppelin"
first, then revert to more attacks. It also proves we
are doing some damage to the image of the US.. Their
next step would probably be an attempt to hack into
CASI's site, and change its contents like they did to
other sites..

My advice is to delete all suspicious messages
immediately without opening them. Some of you
seemingly made the mistake of replying to this
"zeppelin" by e-mail, thus exposing your own IP
numbers to him, helping him to attack your PCs.

Americans have always been bad losers, and their
reaction to CASI should have been anticipated.

Long live Freedom of Expression Š la USA...


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