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Re: [casi] Strange E-Mails (should be, immediately, deleted!).

Dear Alun,

Thanks for your advice, re. the dodgy e-mails. Info, for those of us who are
computer ignoramuses, is very much appreciated, esp. from people who
understand these matters, such as yourself & Ruth B.
Am not too sure whether the "C.A.S.I." messages I recieved, today were
infected, or not, but they certainly succeeded in overloading my system
(temporarily). However, I have recieved messages, which, undoubtedly, were
infected, eg. with "pif" - a warning sign. If I recieve questionable,
"strange", e-mails,
I become a "Terminator" - straight to the trash can & oblivion. - Thanks

Greetings,    Bert.

>From: Alun Harford <>
>To: Bert Gedin <>,,
>Subject: Re: [casi] Strange E-Mails (should be, immediately, deleted!).
>Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 03:04:16 -0700 (PDT)
>--- Bert Gedin <> wrote:
> >
> > Dear Suzy & List,
> >
> > These are my personal views/feelings, which CASI
> > may, or may not agree with.
> > But these days, any time really, we have to be most
> > careful about
> > worm/bug/virus infestation. As soon as I see
> > anything the slightest suspect,
> > I simply delete it, without much hesitation. And I
> > have recieved lots of
> > 'unusual' postings, recently. Including being
> > flooded with scores of
> > "C.A.S.I." messages. My feeling is these are
> > possibly malicious, & potentially dangerous to our
> > computers. My personal
> > advice is: "If in doubt - DELETE!". Don't let
> > curiousity get the better of
> > you by investigating dodgy e-mails, esp. the
> > attachments - don't gamble! If
> > some of you have other views, esp. the computer
> > buffs, please do share them!
> >
>The files that I recieved are not infected with a
>virus, but they do constitute a violation of CASI's
>They are also unsolicited.
>I have asked Darin Zeilweger's ISP to remove his
>I would ask other members to go to
>to report this violation of his ISPs AUP.
>Alun Harford
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