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Re: [casi] Strange E-Mails

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I was infected by the Blaster Worm virus recently which attacks a vulnerability in Windows XP.  I 
wasted a whole day fixing the damage, but learnt a number of very valuable lessons:

1.  If you run Windows, regularly upload the patches that are offered to you for free to fix 
vulnerabilities in the software.  These can be downloaded from:
The way it works is it scans your machine to see if you need any updates, and then gives you the 
option to download them.

2.  Regularly update your virus software.  Symantec provides excellent virus software, with free 
updates and useful advice on new viruses.  Set your virus software so that it scans all e-mails and 
files, incoming and outgoing.

3.  Back up ALL your files on a regular basis, perhaps once per week, onto CD-roms or floppy discs 
so that if the worst happens your work is safe.  (The worst case scenario with viruses that can't 
be fixed is that you have to wipe your hard drive and re-load all software and files, so if they're 
regularly backed up this is more a bad dream than a nightmare.)

4.  Remember that you can view CASI messages on the CASI Discussion List Archive on the CASI 
website.  All files uploaded to the website will have been virus checked and all attachments will 
have been removed.  So if you get something from CASI that looks suspicious, delete it from your 
inbox immediately, and you can always view it on the CASI website to see if it is of interest.

Hope this helps

Ruth Blakeley (Department of Politics, University of Bristol)

265A Hotwell Road, Bristol, BS8 4SF. (0044117 929 4156)

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