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[casi] An Appeal To Your Sense Of Reason, Or What Is Left Of It Anyways.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been monitoring this C.A.S.I. discussion list, off and on now,
for the past two weeks or so and I have made several observations during
that period.

It appears that there exists a small 'web ring' of web sites that
operate as radical left-wing conspiracy outlets and/or anti-U.S.
propaganda centers.  In either case, these outfits operate under the
auspices of some sort of 'noble' cause.

When I read these email lists at C.A.S.I., what I see are people passing
links back and forth to articles and commentaries from the above web
ring like little children feverishly trading baseball cards during
school recess.

The first thing that comes to mind after witnessing this is: That you
folks sure are wasting a lot of time dill dallying around, emotionally
masturbating each other with your new found links, if it is truly your
intention and desire to actually help other people.

If you really want to help people for the sake of 'humanity' then there
are things that all of you can do that can actually make a difference.
Congregating in a little mail list passing propaganda garbage amidst an
orgy of web searches, link exchanges, and email submissions isn't one of
them, however.

Do you people realize that for most of you that within 50 miles of where
you live there is a hungry/homeless person, maybe even a child?  If you
live in a large city then I can guarantee there are plenty within a
range of much less than 50 miles.

Do you *really* want to help a human being?  Aid them in need?  Help
them get on their feet and have a shot at a decent life?  If you do,
then hanging out with your asses sitting in front of a computer whilst
digitally vomiting garbage back and forth isn't the way to do it.
Amidst all of your chirping baboon talk, how many lives in Iraq have you
turned around?  I don't mean back in your glory days of when Saddam
Hussein was in power and you people showed up handing out bread crumbs,
or giving some family a loaf of bread, or some poor kid a shot of
penicillin, either.

Of course, I do realize that several here couldn't care less about all
that because they are either openly, or in the closet, a
communist/socialist/anti-USA-stick-up-thy-bootie/dingbat that is merely
operating in a manner that is conducive to their own agenda.

Anyway, for anyone who has any real desire to aid a human in need, your
time would be much better spent if you took to the streets to find one
at a location near you and invest your time, and perhaps a little money,
in helping them turn their lives around.  One would certainly achieve
far more personal satisfaction in doing so, if that is their true
intention, rather than grouping together and bellowing like quacking
ducks over every new piece of left-wing trash you have 'discovered'.


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