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[casi] Re: HT scam

Dear List,

I first received these 'terrorist sympathiser' rubbish from 'HT' about two
years ago as did many on the Al Awda (Israeli Palestinian reconcilliation)
list. What it progressed to was numerous threats 'the being watched' stuff '
you are not welcome in the USA' , even a little figure hanging  by the
neckfrom a gibbet. Such is democrocy. But what was more worrying was that
the mails purported to come, after the HT stuff, from peope I knew, with
bland headings 'Hi again' eg - so one opened them with no suspicion. Some
one or ones, was clearly garnering addresses and using them. So do watch for
this progression.

The other trick was to send in the name of someone respected an obscene rant
posing as an article, anti Palestininan, Iraqi, Arab etc. Some appaling
stuff was sent in the name of Francis Boyle, highly respected international
law expert and advisor in legal affairs to the Palestinian Authority. He of
course, had nothing to do with it and was in turn sent over five thousand
obscene and abusive emails in a period of two weeks if I remember rightly.

So watch out, even for mails that seem to come from those one knows well,
check very carefully that the header is something you feel OK with, if
uncertain, delete - or mail them to check its them asking them to respond
with a particular header seems perhaps boringly long winded, but better than
getting a virus. If it really gets bad, in the UK there is the Scotland Yard
computer fraud people who are extremely helpful and for illiterates like me
a patient mountain of information solving.

On the plus side, they  only seem to bother with those on lists which seem
to be making an impact - a very back handed and maddening compliment. A pile
of the senders come from California and Minnesota rather than Tel Aviv.

Best, f.

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