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Re: [casi] Take Bush, Blair, and Rumsfeld alive!

On Thu, 21 Aug 2003 15:55:44 +0100 "Muhamed Ali"
<> writes:
>Dear list members,
>                  I wholeheartedly agree that even Saddam >Hussein
should be captured alive, given the choice to do >so. It is a pity that
none of his victims were spared by >being given the choice to live. Even
now, some people >forget all about these victims and detract by worrying
>about the human rights of the perpetrator, under the >banner of
"Anti-Occupation", "Anti-War",etc....Whatever >the label, it is not
pro-Iraqi people. Witness the mass
>graves during the occupation by Saddam Hussein.
>        Muhamad

It is not of question of human rights "of the perpetrator", but for all
humans -- the Iraqi people included. If law, justice, and human rights
are not held as universal they become meaningless.

Every violation is an attack on every person. The violations of rights in
the US led to the invasion of Iraq, and the violations in Iraq weaken the
rights of Americans and British by demeaning the sanctity of individuals
-- making it more "normal" and acceptable to bypass law and humane
standards. When the politicians and press applauded the murders of
Saddam's sons and grandson, they also shifted the "norm" to more easily
allow murdering anyone designated as "bad guys" anywhere.

Bush said those who attacked the UN are "terrorists" -- part of a
deliberate policy to label anyone who opposes the occupation as
terrorists, and confuse any Iraqi with any "bad guy". We see the killing
of civilians now, after Bush declared "the end of major hostilities"
confused with the so-called collateral damage of bombing during the
invasion. Firing into a crowd of protestors, or slaughtering children in
a car at a checkpoint become just more mistakes and collateral damage,
and the soldiers are treated as if they were dropping a bomb at night
from 20,000 feet.

We see the same slippery slope in Bremer's obfuscation regarding Saddam,
his chief henchmen, Iraqi army officers, Iraqi soldiers, scientists,
technicians, Ba'ath party bigwigs, party members, to eventually anyone
who had job in Saddam's Iraq. They all become Saddam supporters, and
therefore eligible for arrest, imprisonment and torture, and summary

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