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[casi] '300 US Soldiers' Dying Monthly

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DDear List,

Dear List,

I send this with some scepticism, yet do have a deep feeling we are not
being told the truth re US deaths - we look at the relevant websites, and
certainly there are very obvious disparities, I am still on a current
obsession that when there are casualties, we never hear if these recover.
Are there deaths which are being airbrushed out?

If anyone from the US military falls across this site, as others from
unlikely paths, have done, could they enlighten me/us?
best, f.
Group Claims 300 U.S. Soldiers Killed Every Month In Iraq
"The occupying forces are about to submit to painful blows," said one of the
men in the tape
DOHA, August 17 ( & News Agencies) ­ Five masked men
identifying themselves as Iraqi resistance members vowed on Sunday, August
17, more attacks against U.S.-led occupation forces, claiming 300 soldiers
are killed by resistance fighters every month.
"The occupying forces are about to submit to painful blows," said one of the
men pictured in a videotape broadcast by Qatar's Al-Jazeera satellite news
The spokesman of the group, named the "Islamic patriotic Iraqi resistance
movement", said the group would "step up its strikes," as other members
appeared carrying Kalashnikov assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenade
"This resistance is born out of our Islamic faith and represents all
Iraqis," read the statement, calling on all Muslims to "offer moral support
to the Iraqi resistance because it is not lacking in men or weapons."
The spokesman also said that American soldiers are hiding their inflicted
casualties² in Iraq for political reasons, saying that 300 American soldiers
are killed every month in Iraq ­ a far large number than that announced by
the U.S. military.
³They are shrouding reports of casualties and damage in secrecy lest they
should take its toll on coming U.S. elections or raise anger against the
White House,² he said.
³Resistance turned conflict to the White House, leaving the American
president plunged into a large impasse as his apparatuses are still unable
to find the identity of resistance fighters,² the spokesman contended.
The group repeated that resistance was borne out of ³the principle of
driving the occupier out².
The spokesman in the tape said that resistance attacks are ³legal as they
come in accordance with international laws and conventions².
Sixty American soldiers have been killed in guerrilla-style attacks since
major combat operations in Iraq were declared over on May 1.
The attacks are blamed by Washington on loyalists to former Iraqi leader
Saddam Hussein.
But observers said that the attacks were also carried out by unorganized
resistance groups, whose members could be mostly ordinary Iraqis furious
over the continued U.S. military occupation and provocations and the lack of
security still plaguing the oil-rich country since U.S. and British forces
rolled into Baghdad on April 9.
The tape was aired one week after the same group vowed more anti-U.S.
resistance operations in Iraq, while denying any link with Saddam Hussein's
ousted regime.


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